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Referee Accidentally Dropped by Powerful Punch in GLORY Collision 5 Main Event

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During the main event of GLORY Collision 5, an unexpected incident unfolded when Antonio Plazibat unintentionally landed a powerful right hand on referee Edward Strijkert. In the closing moments of the second round, Plazibat and his opponent Tariq Osaro were engaged in an intense exchange against the ropes. As the bell rang, signaling the end of the round, Strijkert swiftly intervened to separate the fighters. However, he was caught off guard by a late punch from Plazibat, causing him to instantly drop to his knees.

Thankfully, Strijkert emerged from the incident with minimal harm, and GLORY officials swiftly replaced him with a new referee to oversee the remainder of the match. Ultimately, Osaro (25-2-1, 13 KO) emerged victorious over his friend and teammate Plazibat (22-5, 16 KO), securing the interim GLORY heavyweight title with a fifth-round knockout.

Below, you can watch the footage of the replacement referee’s entrance and Osaro’s finishing move.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Knockout

What happened in the main event of GLORY Collision 5?

In the main event of GLORY Collision 5, a unique incident occurred where referee Edward Strijkert was accidentally dropped by a powerful punch from Antonio Plazibat at the end of the second round.

Did the referee get injured?

Fortunately, the referee, Edward Strijkert, escaped the incident with minimal harm and was able to continue officiating the match after being replaced by a new referee.

Who won the match?

Tariq Osaro emerged victorious in the match against his friend and teammate, Antonio Plazibat, securing a fifth-round knockout and capturing the interim GLORY heavyweight title.

Were there any videos available of the incident and the match?

Yes, there are videos available showcasing the moment when the replacement referee entered the match and Tariq Osaro’s finishing move.

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