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Ray Sefo welcomes USADA testing following rash of PFL drug test suspensions: ‘We’re going to keep this sport clean’

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PFL Drug-Related Suspensions

Ray Sefo refuses to be disheartened by the drug-related suspensions that have recently affected the PFL (Professional Fighters League).

The league suffered a setback in May of this year when numerous fighters participating in the 2023 season were suspended and withdrawn from the competition following unsuccessful drug tests. The list of affected fighters includes the 2023 light heavyweight champion, Rob Wilkinson, and Thiago Santos, a former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) standout.

Following these suspensions, Sefo is actively inviting more extensive examination of his fighters. He intends to involve the USADA — the UFC’s official drug-testing partner — to supervise the forthcoming PFL playoffs and the championship event concluding the season.

“It’s clear that my belief is that sports should be competed at the peak level, but within safe boundaries and with all participants being clean,” Sefo communicated to reporters after PFL 4 on Thursday night. “This message resonates continually. It also means that moving forward, USADA will be integrated into this program. Their testing will be implemented in the playoffs, the championship, and beyond.”

The UFC mandates all-year testing of its fighters, and Sefo confirmed that PFL’s athletes would be held to the same standards.

“That’s correct,” Sefo confirmed. “It will be identical to the USADA program for the UFC.”

As per Sefo, USADA’s role will commence in August with the beginning of the PFL playoffs. The league has planned playoff events for Aug. 4 in San Antonio, Texas, and Aug. 18 and Aug. 23 in New York. The PFL championship finals event date is yet to be disclosed.

Sefo is resolved to prevent any unfair practices as the league wraps up its fifth season.

“We had, I believe, eight people who tested positive from the first show,” Sefo stated. “For a league, for me, that’s unacceptable. I don’t wish to publicly name individuals, but the fundamental fact is that our goal is to maintain a clean sport and a clean league. We’re involving USADA in the league, and this is how we’ll keep progressing.”

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