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Raul Rosas Jr. Suffers Heartbreaking Defeat Against Christian Rodriguez at UFC 287

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Christian Rodriguez has beaten Raul Rosas Jr who is 18 years old in the main event of UFC 287 on Saturday, and lots of people are now interested to see what he can do.

At the start of the fight, Rodriguez fought off a few attempts from Rosas to gain control. For the last 10 minutes of the battle, Rodriguez was in charge and managed to beat up Rosas in almost every part of the octagon ring. It was a great performance by Rodriguez while at the same time it was clear that Rosas still has a long way to go before being ready for championships in UFC’s bantamweight division.

The judges all agreed on scoring the fight 29-to-28 with Rodriguez getting an unanimous victory decision.

Rodriguez said that Rosas is really good and he respects his skill set. Rodriguez apologized for not being in shape and added that the kid has what it takes. He also mentioned that he had trained with an excellent team and recently his team won something important, so he hoped people would follow his progress.

Rosas quickly moved to tackle Rodriguez as soon as the match started. Rodriguez did his best to stay on his feet but Rosas still gained the advantage throughout the first round.

Rosas took the chance to jump on Rodriguez’s back while they were still standing. He attempted to choke him from behind, but it was not easy for him and he had to keep trying for a long time before the signal ended their fight.

In the second round, Rodriguez kept attacking but this time he was able to resist and flip positions when Rosas tried to pull him down. Rodriguez then started throwing strong elbow hits to his head and body from the top position.

Rosas started to look tired and was slow in his movements. This gave Rodriguez an opportunity to start throwing out strikes more easily and prevented Rosas from attempting any takedowns.

Rodriguez kept hitting Rosas who was struggling to stand back up. As time was running out, Rodriguez stayed in control and eventually won the match, which gave Rosas his first loss.

Normally, it would be Rodriguez who got a lot of attention for his fighting ability, but Rosas was the center of attention this time around for UFC 287. Now, since Rodriguez won, he will probably make headlines and Rosas has to work harder after suffering his first loss.

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