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Raul Rosas Jr. Schools Haters and Jealous Fighters: ‘Want to be on the PPV Main Card? Take Some Notes’

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Raul Rosas Jr. is still very young at only 18-years-old and he has only had one fight in the UFC, but he won’t stop talking like a professional fighter!

Before his fight with Christian Rodriguez at UFC 287, which will begin the pay-per-view main show, Rosas stood up to the criticism he received about why he’s getting such an important chance from the UFC when fighters who have been ranked and have had way more experience are not being given similar opportunities. Chris Curtis was especially angry saying he felt “very annoyed” that he was moved down to early in the event “for a kid”.

Rosas didn’t mention any names, but he made it clear on Wednesday that if people want to be in the pay-per-view main card then they should learn something from him. He said those who are hating should take notes so they can gain success just like him.

I got in the UFC and I’m already on pay-per-view, unlike other fighters who are only in prelim fights. It isn’t easy to become a big star in the UFC; if it were, then all the fighters would get a lot of viewers every month when their fight is aired on pay-per-view.

Rosas was very popular when he won on the UFC’s Contender series and also his successful octagon debut three months later. He does not think luck or good fortune had anything to do with it.

He knows it is all because of his hard work, even if not everyone acknowledges that fact.

Rosas said, “It happened faster than I thought but it doesn’t surprise me. I worked really hard and that’s why I’m here now. It wasn’t something handed to me; I earned it!

I think I’m good at this pay-per-view stuff because not only do I know how to fight, but I also know how to entertain people. That’s why people should watch my show first – so they can get ready for the rest of the card!”

Even though Rosas is still getting used to his new situation, this has been his plan all along, even if things worked out a little bit faster than he thought. The only noticeable difference is that people now recognize him more easily. But overall, he’s still the same kid chasing after his dreams; it’s just that everything turned out exactly how had planned it.

Rosas is getting ready for his upcoming fight against Rodriguez. But Rodriguez has said some stuff about Rosas’ skill level and believes that he might not be ready for the fight.

However, Rosas isn’t worried at all – he already beat Jay Perrin in a fight before and is super pumped to do the same with Rodriguez too!

Rosas said, “It doesn’t matter what people think. It’s better for me when someone has more confidence. I’ve seen Christian Rodriguez fight before, and I’m sure he’ll be doing even better this time, but I’m still confident that I will beat him.”

I’m not worried about my upcoming fight because I know that I’m way better than my opponent. This fight is the perfect opportunity for me to show off my skills, since he’s a new fighter like me. After this bout, everyone will realize that I am at a much higher level and can beat people in the top 15.

Rosas said that he wants to fight four times in 2023 so he can reach his goal of becoming UFC champion. He does not want to waste any time and hopes that by winning this fight on Saturday, plus three other fights this year, will help him get closer to the championship.

“I hope I can fight in the top 15 after four fights. Maybe then I could start fighting more often.”

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