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Rafael Fiziev Reveals What He Learned From His Loss to Justin Gaethje at UFC 286

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Rafael Fiziev is feeling bad about himself after his fight at UFC 286. Last Saturday, Fiziev fought Justin Gaethje in the co-main event of UFC 286. Even though many people thought their fight was really exciting and were given a reward for that, Fiziev wishes he could have done better.

After a fight, Fiziev realized he might have done some things wrong. He wanted to use his intelligence in the fight, but instead ended up doing something very different and maybe impulsive. He believes this happened because he was still young and unwise.

The fight between Gaethje and Fiziev was competitive with Gaethje winning in the end. But there were differences of opinion about who won because the judges’ scorecards had different numbers for each round. Some people thought the decision wasn’t fair but Fiziev still accepted it, even though one judge gave Gaethje a 10-8 score in the last round.

“No, I’m a professional fighter,” Fiziev said. “I know when I win and when I lose,” he added. “Last round was tough as I got hit with a lot of punches.

“I don’t think I lost the fight badly enough to get such a low score like 10-8 though.”

Despite the disappointing result for him, there is still some hope for “Ataman”.

Fiziev was satisfied that he and Gaethje put on a really good show, like they promised. He hopes that this great performance will help keep him in the race for the lightweight title.

After losing his fight, Fiziev said he was happy as it hadn’t pulled him back too far from his goal to win a title. He will be taking a short break and then heading back to the gym. As of now, there is no specific date for when he will return to fighting, but since he has no serious injuries from his last fight, he’s aiming for a comeback either during late summer or early fall.

Fiziev said that six or five months was okay. He doesn’t know who he’ll fight against since he has only just gotten back home and is feeling jetlagged.

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