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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Announces December Bout Against Darrill Schoonover in Long-Awaited Grudge Match

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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is poised to resolve a decade-and-a-half-long feud that’s been simmering since 2009.

It was in that year that Jackson took on the role of head coach during the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter, with Rashad Evans serving as his rival coach. Though the season had its share of headline-grabbing moments—Kimbo Slice’s participation being one of them—one of the enduring subplots was Jackson’s ongoing clash with Darrill Schoonover, a team member picked by Evans.

The animosity between Jackson and Schoonover was sparked when Jackson poked fun at Schoonover’s build, giving him the nickname “Titties.” Not one to back down, Schoonover shot back with promises of winning the competition and eventually facing off against Jackson in the light heavyweight division, which ruffled the feathers of the former champion. Throughout the season, the duo had several heated confrontations, including a face-to-face stand-off after a particularly audacious chest grab by Jackson. Fast forward to now, and Jackson has publicly announced that the two are slated to hash it out in the octagon.

Discussing his upcoming fight on the JAXXON podcast, Jackson revealed, “The promoter from UFL wanted to bring me back for a fight. I told him I’m only interested in grudge matches. So, I’ll be squaring off against ‘Titties’ from The Ultimate Fighter. He inked the deal just recently, so come December, it’s on. By then, I aim to weigh around 230 pounds and I’ll be ready to duke it out.”

While MMA Hook tried to get a confirmation from UFL officials about this much-anticipated fight, their efforts have so far been fruitless.

Jackson has been out of active competition since his 2019 knockout loss to Fedor Emelianenko at Bellator 237. On the other side, Schoonover hasn’t stepped into the ring since his disqualification loss in 2015. One has to wonder what prompted Schoonover to contemplate a comeback after such a long hiatus, but according to Jackson, he made him an offer he couldn’t turn down.

“The way I roped in ‘Titties’ for this match was simple,” Jackson shared. “I told him, ‘If you beat me, you’ll never hear that nickname from my lips again.’ And just like that, he agreed to step into the cage.”

Regarding the genesis of their long-standing feud, Jackson remains unapologetic. “He despises me because of that nickname, but I feel it was all in good humor. People from The Ultimate Fighter accuse me of bullying, but I see it differently. For me, it was just a way to bring some laughs and entertainment value to the show. At first, even he found the name amusing, but then it caught on among his teammates and suddenly, I’m the bad guy.”

So, mark your calendars, fight fans! This bout has been 14 years in the making, and it promises to be one for the books.

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