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Pitbull siblings, Roberto Satoshi respond to abrupt Bellator vs. RIZIN alterations

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Bellator vs. RIZIN fight changes

While most MMA champions are reluctant to take up fights on short notice due to the risk of a potential setback, even if their title isn’t directly at risk, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Patricio Pitbull and Roberto Satoshi.

The reigning Bellator featherweight and RIZIN lightweight champions accepted to go head-to-head with Chihiro Suzuki and Patricky Pitbull respectively, on short notice, at the forthcoming events in Saitama, Japan. The impromptu catchweight bouts were decided less than a week in advance, with Satoshi stepping in for A.J. McKee and the other fight organized at the eleventh hour. Both fighters shared their decision-making process with MMA Hook.

“Suzuki, a formidable Japanese adversary, was pitched as my opponent on short notice,” said Patricio Pitbull of his contender, who recently vied against Kleber Koike for the RIZIN featherweight title. “He’s a strong kickboxer with powerful strikes and excellent takedown defense, but we’re prepared. I’m in a state of constant training.”

The match between Patricio Pitbull and Suzuki will take place at Super RIZIN 2 in the wee hours of Sunday, immediately following the main event of Bellator MMA vs. RIZIN 2 featuring Patricky Pitbull and Satoshi.

Patricio Pitbull previously failed in his attempt to secure a three-division title in Bellator last June, suffering a defeat to Sergio Perris. Despite this setback, he was back in the gym a week after the grueling five-round match.

“I had to get my forehead stitched up, but I continued with my regimen of 15 gym rounds daily,” he said. “I’m perpetually battle-ready. If you call me to war, I’m up for it.”

Most recently in May, Satoshi earned a unanimous decision over Spike Carlyle in a non-championship bout, boosting his RIZIN record to 8-2. Earlier this week on the Trocação Franca podcast, he revealed that he was called upon on Monday to fill in for the Bellator star.

“I have immense respect for Patricky and others for their accomplishments,” Satoshi acknowledged, “but I confess that I’ve always had the desire to fight him. I believe I’ve made that clear previously. They are exceptionally welcoming when they come to Japan, but they’re shelling out a handsome sum for us to momentarily set aside our friendship. [Laughs.]”

Satoshi is aware of the intricacies of the match-up, particularly given that his opponent had a longer training period and he accepted the fight on six days’ notice. However, he assured, “I’m always in training.”

“I don’t foresee [five rounds] as a problem for me,” Satoshi said. “Usually, you study your opponent and tailor your training and strategy accordingly when you commit to a fight, but this time I’ll have to concentrate on my own performance rather than my opponent’s. Of course, I’ll be cautious, he didn’t earn the moniker ‘the KO king’ for nothing, but I aim to deliver a captivating fight and stun a lot of spectators on Sunday.”

While Patricky Pitbull enjoyed an extended training period, his preparation was geared towards McKee, not Satoshi, and the two have vastly different fighting styles.

The victor will progress to the tournament semifinal to face Alexander Shabliy.

“Many factors have shifted,” Patricky Pitbull said. “[McKee] was a southpaw and now [Satoshi] is an orthodox. A.J. McKee preferred kicks while Satoshi engages in some striking, but he’s not primarily a striker. His strikes are more to maintain distance and go for takedowns. His takedowns revolve around jiu-jitsu, not wrestling, and he excels at triangle attacks and back takes.

“However, the objective and focus remain unwavering. Regrettably, it’s a fellow Brazilian on the other side [of the ring], but that’s the nature of the job. I have to defeat someone, and it’s going to be Roberto Satoshi.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bellator vs. RIZIN fight changes

Who are the fighters agreeing to late-notice fights in the Bellator vs. RIZIN events?

The fighters agreeing to late-notice fights are Patricio Pitbull, Roberto Satoshi, Chihiro Suzuki, and Patricky Pitbull.

Why is Patricio Pitbull taking on Chihiro Suzuki on short notice?

Patricio Pitbull is taking on Chihiro Suzuki on short notice because a slot opened up at the upcoming weekend’s events in Saitama, Japan. Despite the risk, Pitbull accepted the fight as he is always in training and ready for a challenge.

Who is replacing A.J. McKee in the Bellator vs. RIZIN events?

Roberto Satoshi is replacing A.J. McKee in the Bellator vs. RIZIN events.

How did Roberto Satoshi react to the last-minute change in his opponent?

Roberto Satoshi admitted that he has always wanted to fight Patricky Pitbull, despite the respect he has for him. He views the sudden shift in opponent as a tricky matchup but maintains he is always in training and ready for the challenge.

What will the winner of the Bellator vs. RIZIN bouts go on to do?

The winner will advance to the tournament semifinal to face Alexander Shabliy.

How does Patricky Pitbull feel about fighting Roberto Satoshi, considering the change in his opponent?

Patricky Pitbull acknowledges the shift from fighting a southpaw (A.J. McKee) to an orthodox (Roberto Satoshi) opponent. Despite this change, his focus and goal remain the same: to win.

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MMAFan4Life July 29, 2023 - 10:14 am

Wow, respect to Pitbull and Satoshi for stepping up on such short notice. it takes some real guts to risk everything like that. Can’t wait for the fights this weekend!

KnockoutQueen July 29, 2023 - 4:13 pm

Satoshi vs Pitbull is going to be a banger! never expected this matchup but I’m excited to see how it goes down.

GrapplerGuru July 29, 2023 - 4:24 pm

Patricky Pitbull is going to have to switch up his entire strategy… this is a whole different game with Satoshi. Exciting times!

TheOctagonOracle July 30, 2023 - 2:51 am

Patricio’s a beast. got stitches in his forehead and still hits the gym the next week. true dedication right there.

CageCrusader July 30, 2023 - 8:42 am

how come they always make these last min changes, dont they care about the fighters at all? its not fair to expect them to adjust so quickly.


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