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PFL’s Donn Davis vows league will be MMA’s ‘co-leader’ after Bellator buy, calls Dana White ‘worried’

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Donn Davis, the founder of the Professional Fighters League (PFL), is beaming with excitement as the league takes a giant leap towards becoming a powerhouse in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The big news that has the MMA community buzzing is the official acquisition of Bellator MMA’s roster and assets by the PFL. This move signifies a significant strengthening of the PFL’s position in the MMA landscape, and Davis couldn’t be happier about the endless possibilities it brings to the table.

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Donn Davis didn’t shy away from discussing a hot topic: the reaction of Dana White, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), to the PFL’s acquisition. White had been rather dismissive of both the PFL and Bellator when questioned about the rumors surrounding the deal. According to Davis, White’s dismissive attitude is a clear indicator that the PFL is on the right track and making waves in the industry.

Davis had some intriguing insights into why Dana White might be feeling a bit uneasy. He pointed to the metrics outlined in the press release, highlighting that 30 percent of the Bellator MMA roster is ranked in the top 25 according to Fight Matrix rankings. This independent ranking system carries a lot of weight, and the fact that the PFL and Bellator now boast the same percentage of top-ranked fighters as the UFC is no small feat.

However, Davis was quick to give credit to the UFC, acknowledging their dominance in the top 5 rankings worldwide. He admitted that in terms of pay-per-view cards, the PFL and Bellator still have some catching up to do, with only two compared to the UFC’s twelve. But here’s the kicker: when it comes to regular televised events, the PFL and Bellator are poised to deliver better cards. The average Fight Matrix ranking of their fighters is expected to be 40, a considerable improvement over the 70 average ranking of the UFC’s fighters this year. In Davis’s words, “That’s why he said, ‘I don’t know why in God’s green Earth anybody’s buying this,’ because he’s smart and he knows that.”

Davis went on to challenge the notion that the UFC is the be-all and end-all of MMA. He emphasized that the UFC is not the NFL, nor are they the XFL. While White might want people to believe that, Davis sees a different future. He believes it’s only a matter of time before the world recognizes that the PFL and Bellator are not just contenders; they are co-leaders in the MMA world. And that’s something Dana White might not want to admit.

For years, there has been debate about who holds the title of the second-largest MMA organization behind the UFC. With the PFL and Bellator uniting their forces, that debate seems to be settled once and for all. But Donn Davis isn’t content with simply being number two. His vision extends far beyond that. He aims to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the UFC, not as followers but as equals.

Davis drew inspiration from his mentor, Ted Leonsis, known for owning Washington sports teams like the Wizards, Capitals, and Mystics. Leonsis’s mantra, “declare victory,” resonates with Davis. For him, winning isn’t about defeating the UFC; it’s about creating space at the top for another major player in the MMA world.

In Davis’s view, MMA as a sport is on the rise, growing at a remarkable rate of 10 percent per year, while most other sports are seeing a mere two to three percent growth. He firmly believes that both the UFC and the PFL, along with their new teammates from Bellator, can thrive in this expanding landscape. Davis is confident that when they return to discuss their co-leadership status, it won’t be met with laughter but with a declaration of victory.

So, while the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator MMA’s assets is undoubtedly a game-changer, it’s clear that Donn Davis and his team are setting their sights on even loftier goals. MMA fans, get ready for an exciting and competitive future in the world of mixed martial arts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA Co-Leader

Q: What is the significance of the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator MMA’s roster and assets?

A: The acquisition marks a major step for the Professional Fighters League (PFL), strengthening its position in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It enhances the roster and assets of PFL, paving the way for exciting developments and growth.

Q: Why did Donn Davis mention Dana White in his discussion?

A: Donn Davis mentioned Dana White, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), because White had been dismissive of the PFL and Bellator in response to acquisition rumors. Davis believes White’s reaction reflects the PFL’s growing influence in the MMA industry.

Q: What’s the significance of Fight Matrix rankings in this context?

A: Fight Matrix rankings are important because they provide an independent assessment of fighters’ skills and rankings. Donn Davis pointed out that 30 percent of both the PFL and Bellator rosters are in the top 25 of these rankings, demonstrating their competitive strength.

Q: What are Donn Davis’s ambitions for the PFL and Bellator?

A: Donn Davis’s ultimate goal is not just to be the second-largest MMA organization; he aims for the PFL and Bellator to be co-leaders alongside the UFC. He sees the MMA industry growing and believes there’s room for multiple major players.

Q: How does Donn Davis view the future of MMA?

A: Donn Davis is optimistic about the future of MMA, noting that the sport is growing at a rate of 10 percent per year, significantly higher than other sports. He envisions both the UFC and the PFL, along with Bellator, thriving in this expanding landscape.

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