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PFL founder Donn Davis compares PFL to UFC, touts ‘we pay better’ and fighters are not ‘under somebody’s thumb’

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PFL Founder Donn Davis Draws Comparisons to UFC and Highlights Advantages

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), there’s always a buzz around the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the undisputed giant of the sport. However, there’s another player in town that’s been making waves and gathering momentum – the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Donn Davis, the founder of PFL, recently shared some insights into how his organization is gearing up to challenge the UFC’s dominance and why he believes PFL is a game-changer in the world of MMA.

The $100 Million Game-Changer

PFL’s aspirations for 2024 are nothing short of ambitious, and their most significant move is a game-changer. SRJ Sports Investments, backed by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, has invested a whopping $100 million into PFL. This deal not only made SRJ minority owners in PFL but also fueled the promotion’s expansion into the Middle East. Moreover, it provided the financial muscle to attract top-tier talent, making PFL a real contender in the MMA arena, even against the mighty UFC.

PFL’s Claim to the No. 2 Spot

Donn Davis is confident that with their expansion into pay-per-view in 2024 and the backing from SRJ, PFL has solidified itself as the No. 2 promotion in MMA. But it seems they’re not stopping there. Davis believes that PFL has done something remarkable for fighters – it has created opportunities.

Before PFL came along, fighters primarily had one premium option – the UFC. While there were alternatives, they often lacked global reach, premium pay, and the organizational support that the UFC offered. Davis describes the scenario as akin to working in a small town with no car – you had to take what the company gave you. PFL changed that by providing fighters with a viable alternative.

The PFL Difference: Pay and Control

Davis emphasizes two key advantages that PFL holds over the UFC. Firstly, they pay better, offering fighters more financial incentive. Secondly, fighters have more control over their careers in the tournament-style format PFL promotes. In PFL, what happens inside the cage directly influences a fighter’s future.

While acknowledging the UFC’s greatness, Davis makes a strong case for PFL being on par with it. He emphasizes that PFL offers a fighter-centric approach, evident from the fact that no fighter has left PFL in five years. PFL isn’t a feeder league; it’s a destination in itself. Fighters who come here appreciate the environment and the opportunities it provides. Notably, PFL has successfully recruited talent from other organizations, with Francis Ngannou being a prominent example.

Global Talent Scouting

PFL’s global ambitions extend to talent scouting. Davis asserts that PFL has a systematic and extensive approach to finding the best fighters worldwide. While the UFC often relies on Dana White’s preferences, PFL scouts around 10,000 fighters globally. This scouting system is akin to the different tiers in baseball – from single A to Major League talent. The top-tier fighters compete in the PFL global league, but there are additional layers like the PFL Challengers series, PFL Europe, PFL Middle East, and PFL Africa, each showcasing a different level of talent. PFL also offers developmental contracts, ensuring they have a comprehensive view of fighters at all levels.

Acquisition Ambitions

With plans for pay-per-view expansion and global growth in 2024, Donn Davis hints at the possibility of PFL acquiring another major MMA promotion. While he doesn’t directly mention Bellator MMA, rumors have circulated about such a move. Davis suggests that PFL’s interest in acquiring another promotion would be primarily driven by the talent it possesses. PFL is already established as the clear No. 2 in many aspects, from branding to revenue. What interests them most is the acquisition of fighter talent from other organizations, recognizing that great fighters can be found across the MMA landscape.


In the competitive world of MMA, the Professional Fighters League, led by Donn Davis, is making significant strides to challenge the UFC’s supremacy. With a massive $100 million investment, a fighter-centric approach, and a global talent scouting system, PFL is proving that it’s more than just another contender; it’s a genuine game-changer in the world of mixed martial arts. Donn Davis’s confidence, backed by substantial financial backing, signals that the competition in MMA is heating up, and the PFL is ready to make its mark on the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA Competition

What is the significance of SRJ Sports Investments’ $100 million investment in PFL?

SRJ Sports Investments’ $100 million investment in PFL is a game-changer for the organization. It not only makes SRJ minority owners in PFL but also provides substantial financial resources. This investment fuels PFL’s expansion into the Middle East, supports their entry into pay-per-view in 2024, and allows them to attract top-tier talent. It’s a significant step towards PFL’s goal of challenging the UFC’s dominance in MMA.

How does PFL compare itself to the UFC?

PFL founder Donn Davis acknowledges the greatness of the UFC but also highlights what sets PFL apart. Firstly, PFL claims to pay better, offering fighters more financial incentives. Secondly, PFL’s tournament-style format gives fighters more control over their careers. In PFL, a fighter’s performance inside the cage directly influences their future, offering a distinct approach to fighter development and opportunities.

What is PFL’s approach to talent scouting?

PFL takes a systematic and global approach to talent scouting. They scout approximately 10,000 fighters worldwide, ensuring a comprehensive view of talent at various levels. This scouting system resembles the tiers in baseball, from single A to Major League talent. PFL’s approach to talent scouting goes beyond what many other MMA organizations employ, emphasizing their commitment to identifying the best fighters globally.

Is PFL considering acquiring other MMA promotions, like Bellator?

While Donn Davis didn’t directly mention Bellator MMA, he hinted at the possibility of PFL acquiring another major MMA promotion. Their interest would primarily be driven by the talent the other promotion possesses. PFL’s focus is on acquiring great fighters from other organizations, recognizing that talent exists beyond just the UFC and PFL, which would make for an interesting opportunity in the future.

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