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PFL 9 results: Collard vs. Aubin-Mercier, Sy vs. Magomedkerimov set for Season 5 finals

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PFL 9 delivered a flurry of thrilling matchups that had the Madison Square Garden crowd on the edge of their seats. The Season 5 finals are locked in, and they promise a showdown of epic proportions in both the lightweight and welterweight divisions.

Let’s start with the 155-pound finals where Clay Collard and Olivier Aubin-Mercier are set to collide. Collard, known for his UFC departure and subsequent rise, showcased a jaw-dropping “Fight of the Year” candidate against Shane Burgos. The odds might have favored Burgos, but Collard had other plans. Over 600 strikes were exchanged, resembling a symphony of fury, as both fighters pushed themselves to the limit. Collard’s relentless targeting of the body and head racked up an impressive 178 punches, while Burgos focused on his opponent’s legs, painting them a tomato-colored canvas with 49 kicks. In the end, Collard’s early efforts paid off, sealing the deal with a second-round knockdown and securing his spot in the $1 million tourney finals.

On the welterweight front, Magomed Magomedkerimov and Sadibou Sy are ready to clash for the 170-pound championship. Sy’s journey to the finals was far from a cakewalk, battling through Carlos Leal’s determined attempts to smother him. Leal’s game plan was as transparent as glass, and for a round, he executed it with precision. However, Sy proved his versatility, thwarting takedowns and reversing a mount transition in the third round. This shift allowed him to do what he does best—stand and strike. While one judge leaned towards Leal, the majority sided with Sy, solidifying his spot in the Season 5 tournament finals.

Meanwhile, Magomed Magomedkerimov showcased his mastery en route to his third final appearance. Despite a late surge from Solomon Renfro, Magomedkerimov’s early-round dominance painted a clear picture for the judges. The Season 1 champion showcased a striking clinic with well-timed kicks, effortlessly transitioning into takedowns when Renfro dared to close the distance. Although Renfro found his sprawl in the third and executed a high-amplitude takedown, the odds were stacked in Magomedkerimov’s favor. All three judges awarded him a unanimous 30-27 decision, underscoring his commanding performance.

Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of the legendary Muhammad Ali, continued to etch his own legacy with a fifth consecutive knockout victory. His precision was on full display as a three-punch combination sent Ed Davis crashing to the canvas, prompting a premature stoppage that even Walsh acknowledged in his post-fight interview. Regardless, the objective was achieved—to amplify Walsh’s star power in the MMA realm.

The undercard delivered its share of excitement too. Alexei Pergande, Mostafa Rashed Neda, Michelle Montague, Abdullah Al-Qahtani, and John Caldone all showcased their skills, each victory adding a colorful brushstroke to the canvas of PFL 9.

So, as the curtain falls on this electrifying chapter, the PFL Season 5 finals promise a clash of titans, a display of grit, and a spotlight on the rising stars of the MMA universe. Get ready for an unforgettable showdown as these warriors step into the octagon with their eyes set on glory and a million-dollar prize.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA Showdowns

What were the highlights of PFL 9 Season 5 finals?

The Season 5 finals of PFL 9 were nothing short of spectacular. Clay Collard’s “Fight of the Year” candidate against Shane Burgos stole the show, showcasing Collard’s comeback story and his strategic targeting of body and head. Magomed Magomedkerimov’s dominance, Sadibou Sy’s multidimensional skills, and Biaggio Ali Walsh’s knockout prowess were also standout moments.

Who secured their spots in the lightweight and welterweight finals?

In the PFL lightweight finals, Clay Collard faced off against Olivier Aubin-Mercier. In the welterweight finals, Magomed Magomedkerimov squared off against Sadibou Sy. These matchups promise intense clashes of styles and skills.

How did Collard secure his spot in the finals?

Collard’s impressive performance against Shane Burgos earned him a unanimous decision victory. With over 600 strikes exchanged, Collard’s early work, including a second-round knockdown, proved decisive in securing his third trip to the $1 million tourney finals.

What set Magomedkerimov, Sy, and Walsh apart?

Magomedkerimov’s striking and takedown transition skills were on full display, solidifying his third final appearance. Sadibou Sy’s ability to adapt and showcase diverse skills, including stand-and-strike, earned him his spot. Biaggio Ali Walsh’s knockout power, demonstrated through a five-fight streak, continues to build his MMA star.

How did the undercard fighters perform?

Alexei Pergande, Mostafa Rashed Neda, Michelle Montague, Abdullah Al-Qahtani, and John Caldone all delivered impressive performances on the undercard, contributing to the excitement of PFL 9.

When will the Season 5 finals take place?

The PFL Season 5 finals are eagerly anticipated, promising a showcase of skill, strategy, and knockout power. The exact date and venue for the finals will be announced soon.

Where can I find more information about PFL and its fighters?

For more information about the Professional Fighters League (PFL), its fighters, events, and upcoming matchups, visit the official PFL website and follow their social media channels for updates and insights.

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