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PFL 5 Outcomes: Night of Impressive Victories Sealed by Larissa Pacheco and Ante Delija

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PFL 5 results

Ante Delija triumphed in his fight, but perhaps fell short in the grand scheme.

Delija, the reigning 2022 PFL heavyweight champion, squared off against Maurice Green in Atlanta on Friday night, the centerpiece of PFL 5. His predicament stemmed from missing the season’s first fight, which meant he needed a first-round knockout to secure a spot in the 2023 playoffs. Though Delija emerged victorious, the win was a decision after a tough exchange with Green.

Throughout the fight, Green proved to be a tough opponent, contending strongly with the heavyweight champion. Nevertheless, it was Delija who dealt the most significant and heavier blows, barely clinching a unanimous decision with three 29-28 scorecards.

Due to the PFL’s scoring system, neither Delija nor Greene could qualify for the heavyweight playoffs. Instead, Denis Goltsov, Renan Ferreira, Jordan Heiderman, and Marcelo Nunes secured the four spots in the $1 million bracket.

Pacheco’s Reign Continues

Larissa Pacheco remains the ruling force in the smart cage.

In the co-main event, Pacheco decimated Amber Leibrock, finishing her off within just 45 seconds using a flurry of punches.

This quick win solidified Pacheco’s standing as the No. 1 seed in the women’s featherweight playoffs. This places the 2022 lightweight champion on track to potentially become PFL’s first ever two-division champion.

Ferreira Takes Down Scheffel

Renan Ferreira is making his way back to the PFL playoffs after finishing 2022 playoff contender Mattheus Scheffel just 50 seconds into the first round.

Ferreira initiated the fight aggressively, immediately putting Scheffel on the defensive with powerful punches. Despite Scheffel’s attempts to retaliate, Ferreira shrugged off his strikes before landing a devastating left hook that sent Scheffel face down.

This win helped Ferreira rebound and confirmed his position as the No. 2 seed in the playoffs. He is set to take on Marcelo Nunes in the semifinals.

Biaggio Ali Walsh on the Rise

Muhammad Ali’s grandson appears to be carrying on the family legacy.

As the only amateur fight featured on the card, Ali Walsh had a lot to prove, and the 24-year-old rose to the challenge, knocking out Travell Miller in under 90 seconds with an aggressive combination against the fence.

With this marking Ali Walsh’s fourth victory as an amateur, the promising young boxer made clear his intention to continue honing his skills before turning professional.

Ladd’s Inaugural PFL Finish

In the evening’s first main card fight, former UFC bantamweight Aspen Ladd notched her initial PFL finish, submitting Karolina Sobek in the second round with an armbar. Despite Sobek’s aggressive start, Ladd neutralized her with takedowns and superior top control, taking the back and achieving a mount position at various times. In the second round, after another successful takedown, Ladd began working on an armbar, eventually forcing the submission with mere seconds left on the clock.

However, despite this victory, Ladd’s previous loss prevented her from securing a place in the playoffs.

Complete PFL 5 Results:

Renan Ferreira KO’d Mattheus Scheffel with punches, :50 into Round 1

Biaggio Ali Walsh KO’d Travell Miller with punches, 1:27 into Round 1 (amateur bout)

Aspen Ladd submitted Karolina Sobek with an armbar, 4:57 into Round 2

Denis Goltsov KO’d Yorgan De Castro with punches, :18 into Round 1

Marina Mokhnatkina won unanimously against Evelyn Martins (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Marcelo Nunes KO’d Danilo Marques with punches, 3:40 into Round 1

Julia Budd won unanimously against Martina Jindrova (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Olena Kolesnyk won unanimously against Yoko Higashi (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Jordan Heiderman TKO’d Patrick Brady due to injury, 2:26 into Round 1

Isaiah Pinson won by split decision against Denzel Freeman (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PFL 5 results

Q: Who were the notable winners at PFL 5?

A: Some notable winners at PFL 5 included Larissa Pacheco, Ante Delija, Renan Ferreira, and Biaggio Ali Walsh. Larissa Pacheco secured a quick victory, solidifying her position as the top seed in the women’s featherweight playoffs. Ante Delija narrowly qualified for the playoffs with a decision win. Renan Ferreira showcased his skills with a first-round knockout, earning a spot in the playoffs. Biaggio Ali Walsh, Muhammad Ali’s grandson, impressed with a knockout victory in his amateur bout.

Q: Did Ante Delija qualify for the PFL heavyweight playoffs?

A: Unfortunately, Ante Delija did not qualify for the PFL heavyweight playoffs despite winning his fight. Due to missing his first fight of the season, he needed a first-round finish to secure a playoff spot. However, his victory came via decision, and as a result, he fell short of qualifying.

Q: How did Larissa Pacheco perform in her fight at PFL 5?

A: Larissa Pacheco performed exceptionally well in her fight at PFL 5. She annihilated Amber Leibrock in just 45 seconds with a barrage of punches, securing a quick finish. This victory cemented her position as the top seed in the women’s featherweight playoffs and puts her in a prime position to potentially become the first-ever two-division champion in PFL.

Q: Who will Renan Ferreira face in the PFL playoffs?

A: Renan Ferreira, after his impressive first-round knockout victory at PFL 5, secured the No. 2 seed in the playoffs. In the semifinals, he is set to face Marcelo Nunes, as they both continue their journey towards the PFL championship.

Q: What was the highlight of Biaggio Ali Walsh’s performance at PFL 5?

A: Biaggio Ali Walsh, Muhammad Ali’s grandson, had a standout performance at PFL 5. He knocked out Travell Miller in under 90 seconds with a blitzing combination against the fence. This victory showcased his skills and potential, suggesting a promising future in the sport.

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