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Paul Felder Signals Potential Return to MMA, but Uncertainty Looms Over Next Fight

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The MMA world has been buzzing with anticipation as Paul Felder hints at a possible comeback to the UFC arena. While taking a crucial step forward, Felder has left fans in suspense by not confirming any official decisions just yet.

In a candid interview on the UFC Paris pre-fight show, Felder shared, “I have no idea [if I’m going to fight again].” He continued to reveal that he had recently trained with Michael Chiesa, adding a touch of humor by acknowledging the social media frenzy his return to training had caused. “I rolled with Michael this week. Honest to God — I know it blew up on social media — but I’m back training, I’m enjoying MMA again.”

Addressing concerns about his health, Felder candidly acknowledged, “For all the people that think I need both [hips replaced], I have bad hips, there’s no secret about that. I’ve had bad hips for years.” However, the fighter emphasized that he’s taken a step to signify his potential return by rejoining the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) testing pool.

Reflecting on his journey, Felder’s path has been marked by moments of uncertainty. After a narrow defeat to Dan Hooker at UFC Auckland in February 2020, Felder contemplated retirement. He did make a comeback just nine months later, stepping in on short notice to face Rafael dos Anjos at UFC Vegas 14. Unfortunately, he experienced his second consecutive split decision loss in that fight.

“The Irish Dragon” initially announced his retirement during the broadcast of UFC Vegas 27 in May 2021, citing a lack of passion for competing in the octagon. However, a renewed spark was ignited after witnessing The Korean Zombie’s performance in the UFC Singapore main event, where he announced his own retirement following a knockout loss to Max Holloway.

Felder’s decision to rejoin the USADA testing pool isn’t an outright confirmation of his return to the octagon, but it does indicate that he’s open to the idea. He humorously mentioned, “I did it just in case [I do end up fighting again]. I’m getting old, and there might be some old dudes out there that might want to dust it up in six months.”

Despite the uncertainties, one thing remains clear: Felder’s love for training and the sport itself. He expressed his eagerness to assist Michael Chiesa and reconnect with his training gym in Philadelphia. “I want to get back in the gym in Philly as well and start getting on the mat with those guys. I’ve truly missed it.”

Closing with his trademark humor, Felder assured everyone that he’s still staying active outside of MMA. “I’m still doing triathlons, so don’t get it twisted.” As fans eagerly await updates on Felder’s potential return to the octagon, his words reflect the unpredictable yet intriguing journey of a dedicated athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC comeback

Is Paul Felder planning a return to the UFC octagon?

Paul Felder has hinted at a potential return to the UFC, but he hasn’t confirmed any official decision yet.

What did Paul Felder mention about his training and USADA testing?

Felder mentioned that he’s back in training and enjoying MMA again. He also revealed that he’s back in the USADA testing pool.

Has Paul Felder faced uncertainty in his career before?

Yes, after a close loss to Dan Hooker in 2020, Felder had contemplated retirement. He later returned to the octagon for a fight in 2021.

What inspired Paul Felder to consider returning?

Watching The Korean Zombie’s performance after retirement inspired Felder to consider making a comeback to MMA.

Does rejoining the USADA testing pool guarantee another fight?

No, Felder’s decision to rejoin the USADA testing pool doesn’t confirm a fight, but it shows he’s open to the possibility.

What are Paul Felder’s plans aside from MMA training?

Felder expressed eagerness to assist fellow fighters like Michael Chiesa and reconnect with his training gym in Philadelphia. He also mentioned participating in triathlons.

What does Felder’s uncertain stance reflect?

Felder’s words reflect the unpredictable journey of a dedicated athlete, showcasing his love for training and the sport despite uncertainties.

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TechGeek22 September 3, 2023 - 6:07 pm

Paul’s like an app with an update, huh? Returnin’, testin’, but not confirmn’. Wonderin’ if the fight code’s gonna execute or not!

MovieBuff123 September 3, 2023 - 11:15 pm

haha, “don’t get it twisted” Paul! triathlons? octagon? this guy’s a wild mix! but seriously, hope he figures out if he’s in or out.

GadgetGuru September 4, 2023 - 2:02 am

In the MMA tech lab, Felder’s rebootin’. Joinin’ USADA pool’s like rechargin’, not sure if the system’s up yet. Stay tuned for the power-up!

MusicNerd45 September 4, 2023 - 9:34 am

Respect for Felder chasin’ his spark again. Gotta admire his comeback playlist, even if shuffle mode’s on for his next bout.


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