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Patricky Pitbull ‘sad’ with potential Bellator sale but ‘already thinking’ about PFL fighters

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Bellator Sale

Patricky Pitbull expresses ambivalence concerning a possible Bellator acquisition by rival PFL, with sadness over the potential change in organizational culture counterbalanced by the prospect of fresh match-ups.

Pitbull, who has been a part of Bellator since 2011 and represented the promotion 24 times, including in several inter-promotional matches with RIZIN, shared his concerns on the MMA Hook podcast, Trocação Franca. The prospect of seeing Bellator change hands clearly weighs heavily on him.

Reflecting on the strong relationships he has formed during his tenure with Bellator, Pitbull said, “I feel sad at the thought of the organization disappearing, as it’s not just about the people there, it’s about the friendships I’ve fostered for over a decade.” He appreciates the familial bonds he’s formed within the company, encapsulated in shared narratives and moments from previous bouts.

Moreover, the uncertainties surrounding the treatment he and his brother would receive under PFL adds to his apprehension, especially considering the special treatment they currently enjoy in Bellator. “We have an open line of communication with key individuals in the organization, and it feels like dealing with close friends,” he added.

Despite these reservations, Pitbull recognizes the potential positives in a prospective Bellator-PFL consolidation, particularly the opportunity for fresh challenges in competitive divisions like the 155-pound category.

Pitbull admitted, “[The potential sale] triggers worries, but when it comes to new challenges, it’s a positive.” He seems excited about the prospect of diverse, quality bouts against PFL fighters.

Pitbull does, however, express disapproval of PFL’s handling of situations where friends and training partners are pitted against each other, such as with Natan Schulte and Raush Manfio.

He voiced his displeasure saying, “It was unpleasant. Having trained with Raush and benefitted from his help in preparing for Bellator fights, I find it distasteful that he has to fight someone who has been of immense support. Even though it’s professional, it’s hard to swallow.”

However, Pitbull has more immediate concerns. He’s scheduled to face off against Roberto Satoshi at the Bellator MMA vs. RIZIN 2 event in Saitama, after A.J. McKee dropped out. The winner will proceed to the grand prix semifinals against Alexandr Shabliy, while the other semifinal bout features champion Usman Nurmagomedov and Brent Primus.

Although he’s focused on his upcoming fight, Pitbull sees Shabliy as a formidable challenge and anticipates a potential rematch with the individual who stripped him of the Bellator title in November 2021.

“Pitbull forecasted, “Usman [will beat Primus]. He’s a gifted young Russian with a strong grasp of using his reach and exceptional wrestling skills. I anticipate an entertaining bout with Primus, but ultimately, I believe Usman’s more well-rounded skill set will triumph.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bellator Sale

How does Patricky Pitbull feel about the potential Bellator sale to PFL?

Pitbull expresses mixed feelings, with sadness over the potential change in organizational culture but optimism for fresh match-ups.

Who are some of the significant persons Pitbull has trained with?

Pitbull has trained with individuals such as Natan Schulte and Raush Manfio, who he considers as friends and training partners.

What is Pitbull’s immediate concern before the potential sale of Bellator?

Pitbull’s immediate concern is his upcoming fight with Roberto Satoshi at the Bellator MMA vs. RIZIN 2 event in Saitama.

Who does Pitbull anticipate facing in the grand prix semifinals if he wins his next match?

If Pitbull wins his next match, he anticipates facing Alexandr Shabliy in the grand prix semifinals.

Who does Pitbull believe will win the match between Usman Nurmagomedov and Brent Primus?

Pitbull believes that Usman Nurmagomedov will triumph over Brent Primus due to his well-rounded skill set.

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