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Patricio Pitbull not looking past Sergio Pettis, but eyes 4-division Bellator champ status with new flyweight class

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Patricio Pitbull has his sights set on a historic achievement in his upcoming fight, but he remains fully focused on his formidable opponent, Sergio Pettis. Pitbull, the reigning Bellator featherweight champion, will be stepping down to the 135-pound weight class to challenge Pettis for the bantamweight title at Bellator 297, scheduled for June 16 at Wintrust Arena in Chicago. A victory in this bout would not only secure Pitbull another championship but also make him the first fighter in Bellator history to hold titles in three different divisions.

Pettis, known for his sensational spinning backfist knockout of Kyoji Horiguchi in December 2021, is a respected adversary. Pitbull acknowledges Pettis’ skills and achievements, citing his impressive performance against Horiguchi, who is regarded as the best flyweight in the world. Pitbull recognizes Pettis’ resilience, power, and ability to seize opportunities, which demands his utmost attention and preparation.

While Pitbull envisions etching his name in Bellator’s history books, he refuses to rest on his laurels. He believes there is much more to accomplish and anticipates that a victory of such magnitude will open doors to even more significant challenges and lucrative opportunities. Bellator’s recent introduction of a flyweight division has piqued Pitbull’s interest, as he envisions the possibility of becoming the first fighter to hold world championships in four different weight classes.

Pitbull expresses his hunger for continued success, stating that he is not satisfied with his current achievements alone. He contemplates the idea of pursuing titles in other organizations or setting his sights on a fourth division championship. This thought only arose after Bellator introduced the flyweight title, and Pitbull finds himself in a prime position to pursue it. With his weight management on point and a team of exceptional professionals supporting him, Pitbull feels confident in his ability to conquer the 135-pound weight class and potentially go after the 125-pound title.

Nevertheless, Pitbull emphasizes that his immediate focus lies solely on the task at hand: defeating the dangerous Sergio Pettis. He recognizes the challenge that lies before him and remains fully committed to overcoming it. Once he has successfully navigated this formidable opponent, Pitbull will evaluate his options and consider pursuing the flyweight title, if circumstances permit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bellator, title pursuit

What is the upcoming fight for Patricio Pitbull?

Patricio Pitbull’s next fight is against Sergio Pettis for the bantamweight title in Bellator 297.

What would be the significance of a win for Pitbull in this fight?

If Patricio Pitbull emerges victorious, he will become the first fighter in Bellator history to hold titles in three different weight divisions.

How does Pitbull view his opponent, Sergio Pettis?

Pitbull acknowledges Pettis’ skills and achievements, noting his patient approach and effectiveness in previous fights, particularly his knockout of Kyoji Horiguchi with a spinning punch.

What are Pitbull’s future aspirations?

Pitbull is not content with his current accomplishments and is looking beyond this fight. He envisions the possibility of pursuing a fourth division title or even becoming a champion in other organizations.

What is the new development in Bellator that caught Pitbull’s attention?

Bellator recently introduced a flyweight division, which has sparked Pitbull’s interest in potentially going for the 125-pound title.

Is Pitbull underestimating his opponent?

No, Pitbull emphasizes that he is not overlooking Sergio Pettis and is fully focused on the task at hand. He recognizes Pettis’ abilities and considers him a dangerous challenge.

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