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Paths to Victory: How Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje can win the BMF title at UFC 291

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This Saturday, UFC 291 returns to Salt Lake City with the highly anticipated BMF title fight between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje. Their previous encounter in 2018 was an epic battle, with Poirier emerging victorious in the fourth round.

Dustin Poirier’s Paths to Victory at UFC 291:

  1. Defense and Footwork: Poirier’s superior defense and footwork played a crucial role in his previous win. His slick, shell defense minimized damage and allowed him to return fire effectively. To win again, he must utilize his footwork to frustrate Gaethje, protect himself with layered boxing defense, and counter with powerful left hands.

  2. Jab and Body Shots: Poirier’s jab was a major factor in their first fight, causing damage and setting up power shots. He should continue using it to keep Gaethje at bay. Additionally, targeting Gaethje’s body, as he relies heavily on a high forearm guard, could yield positive results.

  3. MMA Ground Game: Poirier should remember that Gaethje is vulnerable on the ground. Utilizing his wrestling skills to secure timely takedowns could help him dominate rounds and potentially create submission opportunities.

Justin Gaethje’s Paths to Victory at UFC 291:

  1. Leg Kicks: Gaethje’s renowned leg kicks are a significant weapon in his arsenal. Poirier struggled to defend them in their first encounter, and Gaethje should continue to exploit this weakness to weaken his opponent.

  2. Improved Defense: Gaethje has worked on his defensive skills since his loss to Poirier. He must focus on better footwork, avoiding crowding in, and finding answers to Poirier’s jab to avoid falling into the same traps as before.

  3. Power Shots: Gaethje’s power and hitting ability can be a game-changer. If he sits down on his counter shots like he did in his recent fight, he could find success against Poirier, who has endured significant damage in his career.


  1. Altitude: Salt Lake City’s elevation could be a deciding factor, especially in a five-round main event. Both fighters will need to manage their pace and conditioning effectively.


While Poirier won the first encounter, Gaethje has shown significant improvement since then. This rematch is a closely contested bout, but Gaethje’s dangerous skill set and advancements make him the favorite. The prediction is that Justin Gaethje will defeat Dustin Poirier by TKO (leg kicks and punches) in Round 5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about BMF title

Q: When is UFC 291 taking place and who are the main event fighters?

A: UFC 291 is scheduled to take place on a Saturday in July. The main event will feature a BMF title fight between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje.

Q: Have Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje fought before?

A: Yes, they have fought before in 2018 in what was considered the Fight of the Year. Poirier emerged victorious, defeating Gaethje in the fourth round.

Q: What were the key factors in Dustin Poirier’s previous win?

A: Poirier’s superior defense, footwork, effective use of his jab, and targeting Gaethje’s body with punches were crucial in his previous victory.

Q: What should Justin Gaethje focus on to win the rematch?

A: Gaethje’s lethal leg kicks, improved defensive approach, and utilizing power shots effectively will be essential for him to secure victory.

Q: How does the elevation in Salt Lake City impact the fighters?

A: The altitude can affect the fighters’ conditioning and stamina, making it a significant factor to consider in a five-round main event.

Q: What is the predicted outcome of the rematch?

A: While the rematch is closely contested, the prediction leans in favor of Justin Gaethje to win by TKO (leg kicks and punches) in Round 5.

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