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Paddy Pimblett Demands Rematch with Jared Gordon From Hospital Bed: “You’re F****** Dog S***”

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Paddy Pimblett is exhausted with hearing about Jared Gordon. He uploaded a video to social media from his hospital bed after getting an ankle surgery recently – he said the problems in his ankle began during the first round of his fight against Gordon, where he won in a very questionable way.

When I told the doctors about my fight, which happened within the first minute of the first round, they were amazed when I said I had continued to fight for two and a half rounds after. They told me that it would have been better if I had just stayed on my stool instead of continuing to fight.

I was mad and asked if someone thought I was a coward. People were saying how well Jared Gordon did, but only because he had an injured ankle. I said that Joe Solecki beat him in the fight but he got a split decision so he should stop bragging about winning it. My cameraman asked me if I wanted to have a rematch with Gordon.

Pimblett said he wants to punch his adversary at the end of the year. He hopes this enemy beats Bobby Green, because then Pimblett will be able to snap the enemy’s arm in a round. He already had a boxing match with this person and he still won, calling him ‘dog s***’. Even when Pimblett was at his bad days, injured or with everything going wrong, he still managed to beat the enemy even on his worst day. Pimblett’s point here is that if you’re a ‘little bum’, he could defeat you even on your best day.

Pimblett is 28 and has had four fights in UFC so far and they have all been wins. His last fight with Gordon, however, was not a win since it went to the judges who gave it to Gordon. Accoring to MMADecisions.com, most of the people watching also gave their votes to Gordon. Pimblett said on his video that his ankle will heal within six to ten weeks.

Gordon is set to battle Bobby Green on April 22nd of this year at UFC Vegas 72. So far, 1730 people have voted in favor while 2201 have voted against it. Altogether, there are 3931 votes casted.

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