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Paddy Pimblett Admits Closer Than Expected Fight With Jared Gordon But Denies UFC Favouritism

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Paddy Pimblett recently realized that he and Jared Gordon maybe did not have a clear-cut fight in UFC 282. He said in an interview with Bleacher Report that the match was more challenging than he thought, but still believes that he won it at the end.

At first I thought that I won the fight 2 rounds to 1, but after watching it again, I know the fight was a lot closer than I expected. To be honest, there wasn’t really a clear winner of one round, apart from my second round. In the third round my opponent just held me and didn’t do anything else.

Back in December, a 28-year-old UFC fighter was confused about the response to his win over Gordon. He told UFC commentator Dominick Cruz that it would be impossible for the judges to score it any different and believes all criticism is because people don’t like him.

Last February, Pimblett said bad things about Joe Rogan and Nate Diaz for saying that Gordon should’ve won the fight. On MMADecisions.com, 23 people voted for Gordon to win and 90.8% of fans went with him too. Also, 11 out of 23 people scored a perfect 30-27 in favor of Gordon’s victory.

Recently, Pimblett said that he wanted to have a rematch with Gordon at the end of 2023. He even went as far as to say that he would punch him in the head or snap his arm if they fought. He also mentioned that they had already fought before and he was still victorious even though Gordon is “not good”.

“I really wish he heard this. You are bad at what you do. Even if I am not feeling great, I can still beat you even on my worst day and I can definitely win when you put your best effort forward because you aren’t that good.”

Gordon is planning to fight Green on April 22 at UFC Vegas 72.

Pimblett hasn’t been defeated in four UFC fights so far. His match with Gordon was the first time he didn’t win and it went to a voting part instead. He believes that his ankle will heal within six to ten weeks. With his upcoming wedding planned for May and honeymoon afterwards, Pimblett is expecting to make a return to UFC at the end of 2023.

Pimblett was ready for a return bout against Gordon. But, he disagreed with the idea that Dana White, who is the UFC president and owner of the UFC roster, gave him an advantage in his win. Pimblett said that White can’t influence judges and even pointed out that White had once visited his podcast which shows that he’s not just ‘Dana’s boy’.

I thought I had won the match, and so did many other people in the audience. When I asked other people their opinion of who won after they watched a recording of the fight without commentary, most of them felt I was the true victor.

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