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Norma Dumont Eyes Irene Aldana or Germaine de Randamie for Featherweight Title Following UFC Vegas 77

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UFC Featherweight Title

As a stalwart in the women’s UFC featherweight division, Norma Dumont feels an inherent obligation to contribute to the progression of the weight class, particularly in light of Saturday night’s UFC Vegas 77 event.

Having scheduled a bout against Chelsea Chandler at the UFC APEX this weekend, Dumont has proposed a means to keep the 145-pound division active after the departure of dual-division champion, Amanda Nunes. Dumont’s idea: a shot at the now-empty title before year-end.

“For immediate revitalization of the division, consider pairing me and Irene Aldana at 145. Alternatively, pit me against Germaine [de Randamie], who is planning a comeback and previously held the featherweight title,” Dumont suggested during a recent episode of Trocação Franca. “I’m up for it if they are. If not, our fallback plan was to move down [to bantamweight].”

Dumont’s track record includes decision victories over Danyelle Wolf and Karol Rosa in her latest Octagon appearances, enhancing her record to 5-2 under the UFC label. De Randamie, who claimed but never defended the 145-pound title, last competed in October 2020, besting Julianna Pena before going on maternity leave. Meanwhile, Aldana was recently defeated by Nunes in a bantamweight title match.

Dumont expressed concerns, stating, “I fear the UFC might abandon this division post-July 15th.” She continued, “If there’s any glimmer of hope, it’s on July 15, where I’ll once again stand to defend the division, aiming to deliver an impressive performance. By doing so, they might offer me a top contender at 135 or a title shot at 145.”

Dumont wasn’t taken aback by Nunes’ retirement. After her victory over Rosa in April, Dumont planned to patiently await a featherweight title opportunity but was advised by UFC to remain active. This, she interpreted as an indication that UFC anticipated Nunes’ retirement and feels Nunes was slightly self-centered in her decision.

“I can comprehend her choice, but I suspect she had little intention of defending the 145 title. She understood that her retirement would lead to the division’s downfall,” Dumont opined. “However, had she risked a loss in a fight, the division could have continued. I perceive that she chose to conclude the division with her retirement.”

Dumont also recalled Nunes’ post-match interview where she claimed no one would succeed her as champion following her retirement. “That’s nonsensical. She never confronted me, so it’s insignificant. She might have overcome others, but she never defeated me. If she’s interested, she should consider coming out of retirement to challenge for the belt. Life will proceed, maybe not at 145, as it will likely be dissolved, but definitely at 135.”

Regardless of what lies ahead for either weight division, Dumont is resolute in her aim to triumph convincingly on Saturday night to bolster her chances at a UFC championship belt.

“I’m feeling the pressure to reign supreme against Chelsea,” Dumont asserted. “It’s essential for me to do so because she doesn’t match my caliber. I need this victory if I’m to challenge a top-five bantamweight next.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Featherweight Title

Who does Norma Dumont want to face for the vacant featherweight title?

Norma Dumont has expressed interest in fighting Irene Aldana or Germaine de Randamie for the vacant featherweight title following UFC Vegas 77.

What event did Norma Dumont recently participate in?

Norma Dumont recently participated in the UFC Vegas 77 event.

Against whom is Norma Dumont scheduled to fight at the UFC APEX?

Norma Dumont is scheduled to fight Chelsea Chandler at the UFC APEX.

What are Norma Dumont’s recent victories in the UFC?

Norma Dumont has recently scored decision wins over Danyelle Wolf and Karol Rosa in the UFC.

What is Norma Dumont’s plan if the featherweight division is not reactivated?

If the featherweight division is not reactivated, Norma Dumont plans to move down to the bantamweight division.

How does Norma Dumont view Amanda Nunes’ retirement?

Norma Dumont understands Nunes’ decision to retire, but she also believes that Nunes had no interest in defending the 145 title and her retirement would impact the featherweight division.

What is Norma Dumont’s aim for her fight against Chelsea Chandler?

Norma Dumont aims to win impressively against Chelsea Chandler in order to put her name in the mix for a shot at a UFC championship belt.

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FightFan101 July 16, 2023 - 12:47 pm

wow, Dumont’s got guts calling out Aldana and de Randamie like that! hope she gets her shot, she deserves it.

GrappleGirl July 16, 2023 - 12:57 pm

tbh im not surprised bout nunes, she always seemed like she was one foot out the door…still, wonder if she’ll come outta retirement if dumont wins the title

MMA_Maniac July 16, 2023 - 2:23 pm

dumonts right, life goes on at 135. If the ufc abandons the featherweight class, I think she’ll do great at bantamweight.

OctagonOllie July 17, 2023 - 12:06 am

Can’t wait to see dumont in action against Chandler! should be a sizzler of a fight.

UFCJunky July 17, 2023 - 4:05 am

So Nunes retires and the division’s future hangs in balance, doesnt seem fair…Dumont’s making a stand, gotta respect her for that


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