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Noche UFC post-fight bonuses: 5 get additional $50,000 performance bumps

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Following the electrifying Noche UFC event, there may not have been a “Fight of the Night” designation, but the night wasn’t short of excitement as five exceptional fighters earned themselves an additional $50,000 each for their outstanding “Performance of the Night.”

As tradition dictates, those who achieved finishes were the ones who struck gold with the bonus money, and the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas witnessed some remarkable performances. Here’s the rundown of the well-deserved bonus winners from this unforgettable fight card:

1. Raul Rosas Jr.: At just 18 years old, Rosas Jr. made a statement with a lightning-fast 54-second stoppage of Terrence Mitchell. This victory marked his triumphant return to the win column after a tough setback in his previous outing inside the octagon.

2. Daniel Zellhuber: The rising lightweight star displayed his grappling prowess by locking in a rarely-seen anaconda choke on Cristos Giagos in the second round. With this victory, Zellhuber improved his octagon record to an impressive 2-1, leaving fans eager to see more of his skills.

3. Loopy Godinez: This standout strawweight wrestler showcased her dominance by repeatedly ragdolling Elise Reed throughout the fight. She came tantalizingly close to securing an armbar at the end of the first round, but it was her rear-naked choke (preceded by a thunderous slam) that sealed the deal, earning her the bonus and the admiration of fans.

4. Roman Kopylov: The battle-hardened Russian veteran left his mark by inflicting a brutal body shot on Josh Fremd, which resulted in a bloody finish. This win marked Kopylov’s fourth consecutive knockout victory, solidifying his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the octagon.

5. Charlie Campbell: The evening kicked off with a bang as Charlie Campbell secured the first finish of the night. He did so in spectacular fashion with a first-round victory over Alex Reyes, who happens to be the older brother of UFC light heavyweight Dominick Reyes.

Noche UFC may not have crowned a “Fight of the Night,” but it certainly delivered a slew of thrilling performances that left fans on the edge of their seats. These five fighters not only took home an additional $50,000 each but also etched their names in the annals of MMA history with their outstanding displays of skill and tenacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Bonuses

Q: What is Noche UFC?

A: Noche UFC is an exciting MMA event where fighters compete in the octagon, showcasing their skills in various weight classes.

Q: What are the “Performance of the Night” bonuses?

A: The “Performance of the Night” bonuses are cash awards of $50,000 given to fighters who deliver exceptional and memorable performances during the event.

Q: Were there any “Fight of the Night” bonuses awarded at Noche UFC?

A: No, there were no “Fight of the Night” bonuses given at this event. Instead, the focus was on individual standout performances.

Q: Who were the fighters that received the performance bonuses?

A: The fighters who received the $50,000 performance bonuses at Noche UFC were Raul Rosas Jr., Daniel Zellhuber, Loopy Godinez, Roman Kopylov, and Charlie Campbell.

Q: What were some notable moments from the event?

A: Notable moments included Raul Rosas Jr.’s 54-second stoppage, Daniel Zellhuber’s anaconda choke victory, Loopy Godinez’s dominant wrestling and submission win, Roman Kopylov’s brutal body shot finish, and Charlie Campbell’s first-round victory over Alex Reyes.

Q: Is Noche UFC geared towards a specific audience?

A: Yes, Noche UFC is designed to appeal to a youth audience, particularly those who are passionate about sports, MMA, and exciting performances in the octagon.

Q: How can I watch Noche UFC and stay updated on future events?

A: You can typically watch Noche UFC on various sports networks or streaming platforms. To stay updated on future events, follow the official UFC website and social media channels for announcements and schedules.

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UFCJunkie September 17, 2023 - 3:49 pm

Kopylov’s body shot – OUCH! Fremd didn’t stand a chance.

OctagonKing September 18, 2023 - 12:16 am

Raul Rosas Jr. is a beast! 18 yrs old & bang! Mitchell’s out in 54 sec!


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