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Nick Diaz calls to fight Jake Paul or Logan Paul after Nate Diaz’s loss: ‘I’m a lot better than both of these guys’

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Nick Diaz vs Paul brothers

After witnessing his younger brother Nate Diaz’s defeat, Nick Diaz has expressed a desire to face Jake Paul or Logan Paul, avowing that he’s superior to both.

At 40 years old, Diaz watched his brother’s first professional boxing match from the crowd at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, where Nate Diaz lost to Jake Paul by unanimous decision after 10 rounds. Post-fight, Diaz didn’t shy away from declaring his eagerness to take on either of the Paul siblings, Jake or Logan.

Commenting on the pay-per-view event, Diaz said his brother could’ve used more training. However, his focus was on expressing his own skills and readiness, asserting that he’s more skilled than both Pauls and is open to the prospect of facing them. He proposed the idea of a rematch with Jake, offering to step in if his brother doesn’t. Diaz even suggested a potential face-off with Jake’s elder brother, Logan.

The last professional fight Diaz had was back in 2021, ending in a third-round TKO loss to Robbie Lawler at UFC 266. This was Diaz’s first bout since January 2015, which further extended his four-fight winless run since his renowned 2012 defeat against Carlos Condit for the UFC interim welterweight title. During this period, Diaz also lost a unanimous decision to Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight title in 2013.

Unlike Nate, Diaz has some experience in professional boxing, having won against Alfonso Rocha by unanimous decision during his pro debut in 2005.

Diaz expressed a willingness to explore his future options. He proposed the possibility of planning something soon and indicated that his options weren’t just limited to the Paul brothers. He mentioned that he’s managing multiple things at the moment but believes they can be sorted out.

In Diaz’s words, his deep passion for the sport often draws him in completely. Present at the event, he sensed a window of opportunity and confirmed that his motivation remains high. He insists that he’s more dedicated and a better fighter than anyone else currently in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Nick Diaz vs Paul brothers

Who has Nick Diaz expressed a desire to fight?

Nick Diaz has shown interest in fighting Jake Paul or Logan Paul.

Why does Nick Diaz want to fight the Paul brothers?

Nick Diaz wants to fight the Paul brothers as a form of revenge after his younger brother, Nate Diaz, lost to Jake Paul in a professional boxing match.

When was the last time Nick Diaz competed professionally?

Nick Diaz last competed professionally in 2021 at UFC 266, where he lost to Robbie Lawler.

What was the result of Nick Diaz’s only professional boxing match?

Nick Diaz won his only professional boxing match against Alfonso Rocha via unanimous decision in 2005.

How did Nick Diaz respond to his brother’s loss to Jake Paul?

Nick Diaz responded by expressing a desire to fight either of the Paul brothers, asserting that he is more skilled than both of them.

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