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Nevada Athletic Commission Prolongs Temporary Suspensions of Mayra Bueno Silva and Walt Harris

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Sure, let’s take a literary step into the Octagon and give a spin to this tale of suspense in the world of UFC:

In the unforgiving world of UFC, Mayra Bueno Silva and Walt Harris have discovered that they must linger in limbo a tad longer, as they await judgment on whether they’ll face full suspensions over some recent rule-breaking antics.

The two fighters were on the Nevada Athletic Commission’s schedule to review on Thursday, a meeting prompted by their flunking drug tests after UFC Vegas 77. The duo’s legal knee hold – their temporary suspensions – was maintained during this meeting, with final decisions locked in a submission hold, to be unveiled at a future occasion.

Silva, not known for keeping secrets, came clean earlier this week about her positive test, which followed her successful second-round takedown of Holly Holm during the UFC Vegas 77 main event. “Sheetara,” as she’s known in the ring, landed a positive for ritalinic acid, the main component in Ritalin – a name more recognizable than a heavyweight champion, often employed to tackle ADHD.

Walt Harris, on the other hand, dropped the news about his positive test like a right hook before his planned dance in the ring with Josh Parisian at UFC Vegas 77 in July. Harris’s corner revealed at the NAC gathering that he was caught with drostanolone in his system, a substance that’s as welcome in the UFC as a folding chair is in a sumo match, according to the United States Anti-Doping Association.

Last Wednesday, Silva chatted with MMA Hook, expressing that she’s not going down without a fight and is actively grappling with the UFC and USADA to find a solution. She’s hoping that, like a well-executed submission move, her situation can be turned around in her favor. But, like in the cage, only time will tell if she’ll come out victorious, or if she’ll tap out to the regulatory powers that be.

There you have it, fight fans: a tale of two warriors, temporarily grounded but not out, each awaiting the judge’s scorecards to see if they’ll be allowed back in the ring or sent to the locker room for good. Whether you see it as a cautionary tale or a round of drama in the ongoing saga of professional fighting, one thing’s for sure: In the UFC, the battles are never confined to the Octagon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword UFC suspensions

Certainly! Here’s a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section:

What is the current situation with UFC fighters Mayra Bueno Silva and Walt Harris regarding suspensions?

Both Mayra Bueno Silva and Walt Harris are facing temporary suspensions, extended by the Nevada Athletic Commission, in relation to failed drug tests. Final resolutions on the suspensions are pending and will be announced at a later date.

Who is the governing body responsible for these suspensions?

The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) is responsible for handling the suspensions of both fighters. They recently reviewed the cases, and decisions are expected in the future.

What substances did Mayra Bueno Silva and Walt Harris test positive for?

Mayra Bueno Silva tested positive for ritalinic acid, a major urinary metabolite of methylphenidate, better known as Ritalin. Walt Harris tested positive for drostanolone, a substance prohibited by the United States Anti-Doping Association.

When were these positive tests announced?

Bueno Silva revealed her positive test earlier in the week after her second-round finish of Holly Holm at UFC Vegas 77. Harris announced his positive test prior to his scheduled matchup with Josh Parisian at UFC Vegas 77 in July.

What is Mayra Bueno Silva’s stance on her positive test?

Bueno Silva told MMA Hook that she is working with the UFC and the USADA on the situation, actively trying to resolve it. The full details of her cooperation and strategy are not disclosed.

Are the substances they tested positive for used for any medical treatment?

Ritalinic acid, which Bueno Silva tested positive for, is a major component of Ritalin, used for the treatment of ADHD. Drostanolone, the substance Harris tested positive for, is typically used to increase muscle mass and is prohibited in the UFC.

When and where did these incidents related to the positive drug tests occur?

The incidents stemmed from UFC Vegas 77, with Silva’s positive test coming after her match with Holly Holm, and Harris’s prior to his planned fight with Josh Parisian in July.

What are the possible consequences for Silva and Harris?

The possible consequences include full suspensions, fines, or other disciplinary actions as determined by the Nevada Athletic Commission. The final decisions are pending and will be based on the regulations and guidelines set forth by the governing bodies involved.

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FightFan101 August 24, 2023 - 11:19 pm

Wow this is crazy news about Silva and Harris. I can’t believe they got caught. Suspensions seem harsh but rules are rules i guess. Hope they bounce back soon!

GymJunkieJames August 25, 2023 - 2:10 am

They shoud give them another chance. people make mistakes. Let’s wait for the NAC to announce the final decisions. It’s a waiting game now, literally!

MMAenthusiast August 25, 2023 - 7:07 am

Whoa! I had no idea Sheetara was tested positive for Ritalin. What’s next? Will they be back soon or is this a career ender, any thoughts?

MovieBuff33 August 25, 2023 - 8:09 am

Not much into UFC but this reads like a drama thriller. Maybe someone should make a movie on the MMA world, now that would be something!

GadgetGuru August 25, 2023 - 11:58 am

What’s the deal with these drug tests anyway? Don’t they have better technology to detect cheaters, this seems kinda old school…

RealTalkRick August 25, 2023 - 12:21 pm

suspensions are getting out of hand but they must’ve known what they were doing. Rules are there for a reason, need to be enforced. I just hope its fair.


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