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Neil Magny’s Thoughts on Ian Machado Garry: “I Must Prove That I’m Not Someone to Challenge Lightly”

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Neil Magny

Sure, here’s a paraphrased and complete version of the text:

Whenever a UFC event features a welterweight fight, the odds are high that Neil Magny’s name will be brought up during the broadcast.

As one of the consistent figures in the top 15 rankings, Magny is possibly the most frequently challenged fighter in the entire lineup, and he believes he understands the reason for this. It’s neither because people view him as an easy opponent nor due to any general disliking towards him by fellow UFC fighters.

He fully recognizes that it’s his consistent willingness to accept fights that’s behind it.

“Last week, during the UFC card headlined by Cory Sandhagen, three different fights had someone mentioning me or my fighting style,” Magny shared with MMA Hook. “I’m seen as the person who will take the fight, and many managers and fighters understand that if they want to break into the top 15 or top 10, challenging Neil Magny is a good idea, because I won’t refuse. My frequency of being called out is no surprise.”

Before the recent influx of welterweights asking to fight him, Ian Machado Garry had called out Magny several months earlier after defeating Daniel Rodriguez. Garry termed Magny a “gatekeeper” to the top 10 rankings, a comment that could be interpreted either positively or negatively.

Magny isn’t one to take offense to such remarks, but he does feel the need to make Garry and others reconsider that label.

“I’m my worst critic, so it’s up to Garry to interpret what he sees,” Magny stated. “If I can’t make myself a contender or have a winning streak that leads to a title fight, then I do become a gatekeeper. But looking back in 10 years, would that be negative? Probably not. My goal is to be the UFC champion, and I’m striving to reach that pinnacle.”

Magny’s fight with Garry was arranged with less than two weeks’ notice after Geoff Neal withdrew from UFC 292, allowing Magny a quick return since his last fight in June.

This sudden matchup doesn’t seem to bother Magny, who had been preparing for a situation like this.

“My recent fight was too close for comfort,” he explained, and he was immediately planning improvements for the next bout. “There was no break at all.”

Magny even thought that he would be facing Garry instead of Phil Rowe, his previous opponent, and had been mentally preparing for that.

“I expected this fight a few months ago,” Magny noted. “Now, here we are, and I’m finally getting the fight I wanted.”

Garry, with an impeccable 5-0 record in the UFC and three knockouts, is one of the most touted prospects in the promotion.

Magny, having thrice as much experience but not as much attention as the rising Irish star dubbed the next Conor McGregor, is undeterred. He aims to defeat yet another promising welterweight aiming to use him as a stepping stone, possibly diminishing the frequency of those challenges.

“I must demonstrate that I’m not someone to be challenged without careful consideration,” Magny declared. “That’s the message I want to send this fight week — I’m not a stepping stone. I’m a contender, and I’m going to prove just that. I’m nobody’s stepping stone; I’m going to show the world why.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Neil Magny

Why is Neil Magny often called out by other fighters?

Magny believes he is often called out because he has a reputation for always saying yes to fights. Many managers and fighters see him as a way to break into the top rankings, knowing he won’t refuse a challenge.

Who called Neil Magny a “gatekeeper” to the top 10 rankings?

Ian Machado Garry referred to Magny as a “gatekeeper” to the top 10 rankings, a term that could be taken as either a compliment or an insult depending on the context.

How did Neil Magny react to being called a “gatekeeper”?

Magny did not take offense to the term, but he sees it as his job to make Garry and others think twice about labeling him that way. He acknowledges the possibility but strives to be a UFC champion.

What are Neil Magny’s goals in the UFC?

Magny’s goal is to be the UFC champion. He is setting his bar high and doing whatever it takes to get there. He aims to prove that he’s not a stepping stone but a contender.

How did Magny’s fight with Ian Machado Garry come about?

The matchup with Garry was arranged on less than two weeks’ notice after Geoff Neal was forced off UFC 292, opening up a spot for Magny. Magny had been mentally preparing for a fight with Garry and was ready to accept the opportunity.

Who is Ian Machado Garry, and why is he significant in this context?

Ian Machado Garry is a rising Irish superstar in UFC with an undefeated 5-0 record. He is one of the most hyped prospects in the promotion, often compared to Conor McGregor. In this context, he is significant as Magny’s upcoming opponent and as someone who previously called out Magny.

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Champion_Watcher August 19, 2023 - 2:36 am

i think its interesting how Magny sees himself. He’s not just a fighter; he’s a thinker and a strategist. Its not just about the fight, its about his legacy.

FistOfFury88 August 19, 2023 - 7:11 am

what a match-up this is gonna be! Magny’s exprience vs Garry’s talent. This fight has everything, cant wait to see it live.

JohnFightFan August 19, 2023 - 8:43 am

Man, Neil’s attitude is on point. He never backs down, always ready to fight. thats what I love about UFC.

MikeInIrishCorner August 19, 2023 - 3:59 pm

Garry’s the nxt big thing, trust me! Magny’s good but Ian’s on another level. #TeamGarry

Sara_MMAenthusiast August 19, 2023 - 5:37 pm

Who does Garry think he is, callin Magny a gatekeeper? Cant wait to see this match; Neil’s gonna prove his point, I bet.


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