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Nate Diaz fires back at Eddie Hearn criticism by targeting boxers, warns ‘You might get it also’

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Nate Diaz has responded defiantly to criticism from Eddie Hearn, showing his trademark trash-talking spirit.

Despite his loss in his boxing debut against Jake Paul on August 5, where he endured a knockdown by “The Problem Child,” Diaz remained resilient throughout the 10 rounds, even though the boxing display was far from flawless. This bout marked Diaz’s first fight since leaving the UFC last year.

Eddie Hearn, a promoter for Matchroom Boxing, held a different view on the fight’s quality. During an appearance on The MMA Hour, Hearn heavily criticized the contest between Paul and Diaz, deeming it “awful.”

In retaliation, Diaz took to Twitter on Friday to hit back at Hearn. He issued a warning, asserting that he could defeat any fighter under Hearn’s management, regardless of their weight class. Diaz also made it clear to Hearn that he wasn’t exempt from facing consequences as well.

Diaz’s message on Twitter read: “Eddie Hearn, I’ll beat all your fighters’ asses: lightweights, middleweights, heavyweights, any weight, all of them will get messed up. And unless your comments are positive, don’t mention my name, or you might face consequences too. Fighters, keep an eye on your promoter so you don’t end up being taken advantage of.”

It remains uncertain what lies ahead for Diaz in terms of his fighting career. Conversations between him and Paul regarding a potential second fight under MMA rules had begun even before their first bout took place. Paul offered Diaz $10 million to agree to this rematch, but Paul’s contractual ties were with the PFL, while Diaz hinted at a potential return to the UFC.

If Hearn acknowledges Diaz’s strong response, there might be room for a cooperative boxing arrangement that benefits both parties.

Eddie Hearn’s original comments on The MMA Hour about the fight were: “It was awful. Don’t get me wrong, the event was incredible. You did an excellent job. Fantastic. But while you understand MMA inside out, I understand boxing thoroughly. As I watched it, I couldn’t help but think, ‘This is so subpar.'”

Hearn continued, “The only reason Nate wasn’t knocked out is that Jake lacked the skill. He doesn’t possess the knowledge to break down a fighter, control the ring, dominate, and finish the match. Nonetheless, I give credit to Nate: he’s incredibly resilient. However, this fight showcased a very low level of skill and performance.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Retaliation

Who is Nate Diaz?

Nate Diaz is a well-known MMA star who recently made his boxing debut against Jake Paul.

What was the result of Nate Diaz’s boxing debut?

Nate Diaz lost his boxing debut against Jake Paul in a decision after 10 rounds.

How did Eddie Hearn respond to the fight?

Eddie Hearn, a Matchroom Boxing promoter, criticized the fight as “awful” due to its perceived low quality.

How did Nate Diaz react to Eddie Hearn’s criticism?

Nate Diaz fired back at Eddie Hearn on Twitter, challenging any boxer from Hearn’s stable and warning against mentioning his name negatively.

What did Nate Diaz offer in his response?

Nate Diaz claimed he could defeat any of Hearn’s fighters regardless of weight class and cautioned Hearn that negative mentions might have consequences.

Is there a potential rematch between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul?

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul discussed a possible rematch under MMA rules, but contractual ties and future fighting plans remain uncertain.

What was Eddie Hearn’s full comment on the fight?

Eddie Hearn expressed his view that the fight was of low standard, praising Nate Diaz’s resilience while criticizing the overall performance.

What might happen in the aftermath of this exchange?

If noticed by Hearn, there could be discussions for a beneficial boxing arrangement involving both parties.

What is the general sentiment surrounding the fight?

While the event was entertaining, some feel the boxing display was lacking in quality and skill, leading to varying opinions on the outcome.

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