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Natan Schulte not surprised by Francis Ngannou’s silence on controversy, still training for PFL playoffs despite suspension

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Natan Schulte remains undeterred by Francis Ngannou’s silence amidst the controversy surrounding his suspension. Despite being suspended alongside his friend Raush Manfio for allegedly not exerting their “best efforts” during their scheduled fight in June, Schulte continues to train for the PFL playoffs.

Originally, Schulte was set to rematch Olivier Aubin-Mercier in the PFL lightweight semifinal on August 23. However, following the suspension, both fighters were replaced by Shane Burgos, who was awarded the final playoff spot. In response to this decision, Schulte took to social media to criticize the move and reach out to Francis Ngannou for support. Ngannou, who joined PFL in 2023 as a fighter and advisor for fighters’ interests, chose not to comment on the situation.

In an interview with MMA Hook, Schulte expressed his thoughts on Ngannou’s silence, understanding the complexities of his situation. Schulte believes that Ngannou, representing PFL as a fighter and advisor, wants to avoid any controversy with the promotion at this time. Consequently, he speculates that Ngannou will refrain from making any statements.

As a two-time PFL lightweight champion, Schulte’s manager is currently negotiating with PFL to reinstate him for the playoffs. Despite the uncertainty, Schulte continues to train diligently at American Top Team, preparing for potential matchups against Aubin-Mercier, Bruno Miranda, or Clay Collard at PFL 9, which is scheduled for August 23 in New York City.

If the suspension remains in place, Schulte expresses his disappointment, acknowledging the possibility of being sidelined for nearly a year. However, he emphasizes his fondness for PFL and the positive relationship he has had with the promotion and its staff. This incident has been an unexpected setback for Schulte, and he voices his desire to resolve the situation promptly.

Similar to Raush Manfio’s recent comments on the Trocação Franca podcast, Schulte attributes his performance to the emotional stress of facing a close friend and teammate. Nonetheless, he deems the suspension, which ultimately benefited Shane Burgos, as unjust. Schulte asserts that the playoff spot rightfully belongs to him and expresses his eagerness to compete. Having already gone through the face-off with Olivier and with the brackets prepared, he strongly hopes for a swift resolution to the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about controversy

What is the controversy surrounding Natan Schulte and his suspension in the PFL?

Natan Schulte and his friend Raush Manfio were suspended by the PFL for allegedly not giving their best efforts during a fight in June. This led to their rematch being canceled, and Shane Burgos was awarded the playoff spot instead.

Why did Natan Schulte call out Francis Ngannou for help?

Natan Schulte called out Francis Ngannou for help because Ngannou serves as an advisor to represent fighters’ interests in PFL. However, Ngannou chose not to comment on the situation, likely due to his recent signing with PFL and his desire to avoid controversy with the promotion.

Is Natan Schulte still training despite his suspension?

Yes, despite his suspension, Natan Schulte is continuing his training for the PFL playoffs. He is preparing as if he were fighting his originally scheduled opponent, Olivier Aubin-Mercier, or other potential opponents at PFL 9.

How is Natan Schulte’s relationship with PFL?

Natan Schulte has had a positive relationship with PFL and its staff before this incident. He expressed his fondness for the promotion and his desire to stay with PFL despite the current controversy.

What are the potential consequences for Natan Schulte if the suspension stands?

If the suspension stands, Natan Schulte could be out of competition for nearly a year, which he laments. However, he remains hopeful for a resolution and a swift return to the PFL playoffs.

Why does Natan Schulte believe the suspension benefited Shane Burgos?

Natan Schulte believes the suspension benefited Shane Burgos because he was awarded the playoff spot that Schulte felt rightfully belonged to him. Schulte emphasizes that he had already done the face-off with Olivier Aubin-Mercier and the brackets were ready for their rematch before the suspension occurred.

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