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Morning Report: Michael Bisping Defends Jon Anik’s Professionalism in Face of Colby Covington’s Threats

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Colby Covington isn’t a fan of Jon Anik anymore. After the UFC 286 event on Saturday night, some people weren’t very happy, and one of them was Jon Anik. That’s why Colby isn’t a fan of him anymore.

UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards was shocked when he found out that Colby Covington will be his next challenger for the championship belt instead of Belal Muhammad who is currently on a nine-fight winning streak. Mohammad was really upset about this and even said in a podcast with Anik that if he sees him again, he would punch him.

Anik wasn’t the only one who received some backlash after UFC 286, as Michael Bisping also had to defend himself from Justin Gaethje’s claims of bias in the main event. Bisping and a lot of other fighters spoke up for Anik after Colby Covington expressed lots of anger towards him. Bisping said that Anik is professional and an all-around good person on his YouTube channel.

Colby Covington is acting like he’s going to harm Jon Anik but it’s not true. He’s just being mean. Jon Anik is doing nothing wrong and has not done anything to deserve Colby’s threats. It’s easy to feel sorry for Belal because he has won 8 fights in a row and wants revenge on Leon Edwards. Colby was beaten by Kamaru Usman twice in title fights, then beat Tyron Woodley before getting a win over Jorge Masvidal – but he hasn’t fought for around a year now.

Sadly, it looks like Muhammad won’t get the chance to fight against Edwards. The UFC is looking to arrange a bout between him and Shavkat Rakhmonov (an undefeated rising fighter) instead of the match with Edwards.

Bisping thinks Covington will fight Edwards next, even though it doesn’t make sense. Masvidal might have the chance if the results of his upcoming UFC 287 match are good, but Edwards is more excited about that story since it’s not finished yet.

In 2019, Masvidal and Edwards had an argument that was never solved until they were set to fight at UFC 269 in 2021. But, unfortunately, Masvidal got injured and couldn’t compete so Edwards won a welterweight title in his rematch with Usman.

Bisping said that Covington will be a big draw for people wanting to watch him perform and buy tickets, as well as pay-per-views. Masvidal is currently fighting Gilbert Burns and if he wins then there is unfinished business between him and Leon Edwards from the ‘three-piece and a soda’ incident in which Masvidal assaulted Leon backstage.

“Leon, you should know that the welterweight champion of the world – the guy we’re talking about – is really serious. He’s tough and won’t back down easily. He wants to fight Masvidal and show him who’s boss. It’d be an amazing contest and people will love it – which means it’ll draw a lot of attention.”

Experiencing the UFC Changes

Cory Sandhagen has a plan for Sean O’Malley to get the UFC title shot, by having him ‘earn his stripes’ first. Jorge Masvidal thinks Kamaru Usman should have waited longer to return after being knocked out by Leon Edwards. Leon Edwards’ coach doesn’t think Colby Covington deserves a title shot when they ask “what justifies him jumping the line?”. After losing three times to Leon Edwards, Kamaru Usman drops in rankings and Tamires Vidal’s fight against Hailey Cowan is cancelled from UFC San Antonio.

A beautiful artwork of UFC Kansas City was released, which features Max Holloway and Arnold Allen. Augusto Sakai left the UFC one month after he had won a match against Don’Tale Mayes.

All The UFC Fun You Could Ask For!

Staying up to date with Sandhagens, Chito’s amazing fights in slow-motion, a full fight featuring Leah McCourt, training for competition and “the last word” are all part of the fun. So let’s kick it!

Mike Heck Weighs in on Colby Covington and Paulo Costa’s UFC Decisions

This morning, Mike Heck from MMA Fighting had a lot to talk about. He mentioned Colby Covington doubling his efforts and Paulo Costa agreeing to a new deal with the UFC.

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MMA Legends

Belal, Vibes, and Prep are some amazing people in the MMA world. Khabib shared a throwback video that brought back memories of his versatility. There’s also an incredible movie coming out about these moves! Timothy and others like him are continuing to do their work in this field. Kana Time is now ONE Fight Night 8 – really cool work that shows how far they’ve come.

The Ultimate Showdown

Mohammed Usman (9 wins and 2 losses) will fight against Junior Tafa (6 wins and 3 losses) on April 22, at the UFC Vegas 71 event.

Daniel Rodriguez (17 wins and 3 losses) will take on Ian Garry (11 undefeated fights) on May 13, at a UFC Fight Night event.

Satomi “Sarami” Takano (17 wins and 13 losses) is going to fight Ayaka Watanabe (2 victories and 1 defeat) at Shooto – Color 1 on May 21.

Brendan Allen (21 successes and 5 defeats) will be facing Jack Hermansson (23 triumphs amd 8 disappointments) at UFC Fight Night on June 3.

Jinh Yu Frey (11 victories and 8 failures), again, this time will taking on Elise Reed (6 wins, 3 losses), also at UFC Fight Night on June 3.

Will Covington Try To Stop Anik’s Next Battle?

I was just wondering if Covington will try to stop Anik from announcing his next battle. It won’t work, but it would be something Covington would do.

Have a great Friday, enjoy The Other One day and have an awesome weekend! Thanks for reading.

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