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Morning Brief: Chan Sung Jung, AKA ‘Korean Zombie,’ Recognizes His Fading Durability During Bout with Max Holloway

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Korean Zombie Retirement

Chan Sung Jung, universally adored as “The Korean Zombie” in the MMA world, isn’t planning to overstay his welcome in the sport. Two weekends back in Singapore, the 36-year-old fighter found himself at the center of a much-anticipated match against ex-champ Max Holloway, marking UFC’s comeback to the nation.

This was Jung’s first foray back into the Octagon since his April 2022 match against featherweight supremo Alexander Volkanovski. There, Jung’s attempt at the title came to a grisly halt in the fourth round, stopped by referee Herb Dean to prevent further harm. This bout led to speculation that Holloway might be Jung’s curtain call, and as it turned out, the fighter himself only confirmed it at the fight’s conclusion.

In a recent YouTube video, Jung confessed, “I had originally planned for my final bout to be in Korea. It was a surprise even to myself when my opinion shifted.” Known for his candid interviews, he went on to say, “I can recall every second of this fight. Each time I got floored. I even questioned what hit me the first time I went down in round two. When the ref ended it in the third, it dawned on me—my fighting days are numbered.”

Jung had a moment of clarity while Max Holloway was helping him get back on his feet. “Technically, I think I’m sound, and physically, I’m in the best shape of my life. But those punches that took me down? They weren’t supposed to. I was thrown off balance in the first round, flattened in the second, and precisely struck in the third.”

Holloway secured a victory against Jung in a scorching 23-second sequence in the third round. Although two more main event rounds were slated, Jung knew he had to turn the tide after almost losing in the previous round. He figured Holloway would slip up if attacked relentlessly but felt the revelations he had during the fight left him no alternative.

“In the midst of the fight, I realized that I’m not as unbreakable as I once was,” Jung said. “I spoke to Dustin [Poirier] recently, and I admitted that I’m not the same fighter I was at 23. You can’t avoid every hit in MMA, but my resilience just isn’t what it used to be.”

Following a 16-year roller coaster of a career, Jung retires with an electrifying 17-8 record (7-5 in UFC), primarily featuring in main events after his first two UFC appearances. He made it clear: it was either conquer or be conquered. “To put it bluntly, I could’ve performed better against Holloway. But I have no regrets. I went out in true Zombie fashion.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Korean Zombie Retirement

What is the main focus of the Morning Brief?

The main focus of the Morning Brief is the retirement of MMA fighter Chan Sung Jung, popularly known as “The Korean Zombie,” following his last bout against Max Holloway.

Why did “Korean Zombie” decide to retire?

Chan Sung Jung, the “Korean Zombie,” decided to retire after realizing that his physical resilience and durability were no longer at the level required for competitive fighting. This realization came to him during his fight against Max Holloway.

Who is Max Holloway, and what was his role in Korean Zombie’s retirement?

Max Holloway is a former UFC Featherweight Champion who fought Chan Sung Jung in what turned out to be Jung’s retirement fight. Holloway defeated Jung in the third round, and it was during this match that Jung realized his limitations and decided to retire.

Did Korean Zombie have any regrets about his final fight?

While Jung admitted that he could have performed better against Holloway, he stated that he had no regrets and that he “went out in true Zombie fashion.”

What other UFC news is highlighted in the Morning Brief?

The Morning Brief also covers stories such as Gilbert Burns’ prediction about Ian Machado Garry, Lerone Murphy’s 2022 cycling accident, and Jorge Masvidal’s challenge to Justin Gaethje for the BMF title, among other UFC-related highlights.

Is there a poll included in the Morning Brief?

Yes, the Morning Brief includes a poll asking readers about their favorite “Korean Zombie” fight.

How can readers get involved or share their opinions?

Readers can cast their votes in the poll or reach out to @DrakeRiggs_ on Twitter with news or updates they’d like to see featured in future Morning Briefs. They can also follow MMAFighting on Instagram and like the Facebook page.

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