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Molly McCann Moves Down to Strawweight Following UFC London Loss

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After a tough defeat in the co-main event of UFC London, Molly McCann has made a decisive decision to change weight classes. The Liverpudlian fighter suffered a quick loss, being defeated by Julija Stoliarenko in under two minutes. This marked her second consecutive setback in dominant fashion, prompting her to reevaluate her fighting approach.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, McCann expressed her gratitude to the UFC staff and everyone at TNT Sports for the opportunity to compete in front of the passionate fans at The O2 arena. She acknowledged the immense sacrifices and hard work invested in her fight camp, but emphasized that overcoming adversity is ingrained in her nature.

McCann revealed that she has always faced the toughest challenges in life, but she embraces the highs and lows of her journey. Refusing to let setbacks define her, she recounted a time twenty months prior when she was in a similar situation, having experienced two back-to-back losses and considering giving up. However, a strong comeback changed the course of her life.

Now, she has her sights set on a new goal – the strawweight division. She believes that moving down to 115 pounds will make a significant difference in her performance, as facing opponents much larger than her in the flyweight division proved challenging.

Acknowledging potential critics, McCann shrugged off negativity and stood firm in her pursuit of living her dream every day. With an unwavering spirit and a strong support system, she expressed her confidence in making the necessary adjustments to succeed in her new weight class.

Previously known as one of the most popular female fighters in the UFC, McCann spent the majority of her career at 125 pounds, with only a few catchweight bouts in her professional and UFC debut. Over the years, she achieved a 6-5 record in the flyweight division and played an essential role in the UFC’s London events.

Now, the determined fighter is ready to embrace the challenges of the strawweight division and rise to new heights in her career. Fans can expect to see her back in action soon, as she continues to pursue her passion for mixed martial arts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC London

Q: Why is Molly McCann moving down to the strawweight division after UFC London loss?

A: Molly McCann decided to move down to the 115-pound strawweight division following her tough loss at UFC London. The move aims to face opponents of similar size and reignite her fighting career.

Q: How did Molly McCann announce her decision to change weight classes?

A: Molly McCann announced her decision to move down to strawweight through an Instagram post on Monday after her fight at UFC London. She thanked the UFC staff and reflected on the challenges she faced, expressing her determination to overcome adversity.

Q: What was Molly McCann’s record in the flyweight division before the move?

A: Before her decision to change weight classes, Molly McCann held a 6-5 record in the flyweight division. She primarily competed at 125 pounds and had catchweight bouts during her professional and UFC debut.

Q: What motivated Molly McCann to embrace the challenges of the strawweight division?

A: Molly McCann’s motivation to move to strawweight stems from facing larger opponents in the flyweight division. She believes that the change in weight class will make a significant difference and allow her to compete more effectively.

Q: How has Molly McCann been a significant figure in the UFC’s London events?

A: Molly McCann has played a crucial role in the UFC’s London events, often being featured in prominent fights. Her popularity and exciting fighting style have made her a promotional lynchpin for the organization’s cards in London.

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FightFan92 July 25, 2023 - 8:34 pm

molly mccann movin down 2 strawweight, smart move aftr ufc london loss. she tough af! #MMA

MMAmaniaX July 26, 2023 - 12:06 am

mccann’s switch 2 115lbs wil b interstng! she’ll rize again, u wait! #UFC #WarriorSpirit


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