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Missed Fists: Gruesome slam knockout leaves fighter mangled on the mat

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Missed Fists

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists, where we shed light on overlooked fights from around the world amidst the busy schedule of MMA events. Although last week was filled with high-profile MMA action from the UFC, Bellator, and the PFL, we couldn’t squeeze in a Missed Fists. However, we’re back in full force this week.

Let’s kick things off with an incredibly brutal slam in our opening clip. Special thanks to @Barrelelapierna for their weekly lists of the best knockouts (KOs) and submissions, and to @Grabaka_Hitman for providing many of the clips featured here. Give them a follow and consider supporting them on Patreon.

Jimmy Roach vs. Caleb Williams

In this clip from a Synergy FC event in Kansas City, Kan., we witness one of the most gruesome slam knockouts of the year. Caleb Williams pays the price for hanging onto an armbar for too long. Despite Jimmy Roach’s unnecessary follow-up strike, we can’t deny the sheer brutality of the finish. Williams clearly underestimated the power and technique of Roach, who executed a perfect slam reminiscent of the Hulk slamming Loki. Watch it at your own discretion.

Khamall Dunkley vs. Naquan Calderon

If you thought we were moving on to a less upsetting knockout, think again. Naquan Calderon fails to land a single punch in his amateur bout against Khamall Dunkley at a Flex Fight event in Patchogue, N.Y. The fight ends in just five seconds, with Dunkley’s celebration lasting much longer. It’s a quick and one-sided victory for Dunkley.

Sebastian Chrobot vs. Adrian Kucypera

You may be familiar with Cro Cop, but have you met Chrobot? Sebastian Chrobot, an amateur bantamweight, remains undefeated at 4-0 after delivering a beautiful spinning kick at a Silesian MMA show in Bedzin, Poland. The slow-motion replay captures the unlikely nature of this knockout, as Chrobot’s heel narrowly slips through Adrian Kucypera’s defense. The strike connects with just enough force to turn off Kucypera’s lights.

Nikolay Aleksakhin vs. Oberdan Tenorio

If you’re a fan of spin kicks, get ready for more. Nikolay Aleksakhin delivers a devastating spinning strike that leaves Oberdan Tenorio completely unconscious at an Open Fighting Championship event in Sheregesh, Russia. The impact of this kick is impossible to miss, as Aleksakhin connects with Tenorio’s head, leaving no doubt about the outcome.

Adam Assenza vs. Polo Reyes, Jarred Dumond vs. Ruben Aldama, Alex Medellin vs. Alex Gluzman, Manuel Garcia vs. Tim Cronk

The recent BTC event in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, showcased several highlights. The main event saw a thrilling lightweight title bout between Adam Assenza and Polo Reyes, with Assenza emerging as the victor by TKO in the third round. Meanwhile, Jarred Dumond needed only 28 seconds to finish Ruben Aldama with ground strikes. Alex Medellin secured a first-round knockout victory with a left-hand barrage, and Manuel Garcia not only defeated Tim Cronk in a slugfest but also sealed the deal with a post-fight proposal. Congratulations to Manuel!

Travon Eller vs. Foster Eberly

While pacifism has its merits, getting into the cage demands action. At Ohio Combat League 25, Travon Eller overwhelms Foster Eberly, who fails to throw any punches in response. Eller claims the amateur light heavyweight title with this knockout, but it’s clear that he would have preferred a more challenging opponent.

Vilson Ndregjoni vs. Wendel Araujo

On the other hand, there is such a thing as being too aggressive. Bantamweight champion Vilson Ndregjoni stops a charging Wendel Araujo in his tracks with a quick counter right at CFFC 120. Araujo’s chances of staying on his feet were slim after taking that punch.

Deonte Moses Jr. vs. Donte Johnson, Cody Linne vs. Dan Moriarty

At Anthony Pettis FC 5 in Waukesha, Wis., heavyweight fighter Deonte Moses Jr. delivers a beautiful head kick knockout. His setup with a body kick creates the perfect opening for the high kick, which connects despite the block. In another bout on the card, Cody Linne secures a first-round knockout with a flying knee to his opponent’s face. Linne, at just 23 years old, is building an impressive record and could be a future contender.

Tsukasa Mizoguchi vs. Kosuke Eda

At Gladiator 022 in Japan, Tsukasa Mizoguchi and Kosuke Eda recreate the famous Holloway-Lamas moment, except this time it ends with Eda flat on the canvas. Mizoguchi remains undefeated at 3-0, while Eda’s record falls to a peculiar 13-14-6.

Jhoset Espinosa vs. Angela Ravello

Finally, let’s take a look at a highlight from Inka FC 36 in Lima, Peru. Jhoset Espinosa and Angela Ravello engage in an intense exchange, showcasing the essence of fighting. Bite down, throw down, and perhaps share a drink at the bar later. Fighting is all about the camaraderie.

If you want to catch up on any of these fights or events, check out the available replays on platforms like YouTube or UFC Fight Pass.

Don’t forget to vote for the most memorable Missed Fists moment this week. And if you know of any recent fights or events that deserve attention, reach out to us on Twitter at @AlexanderKLee using the hashtag #MissedFists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Missed Fists

What is Missed Fists?

Missed Fists is a series that highlights overlooked fights from the global MMA scene, showcasing brutal knockouts and exciting moments that may have gone unnoticed.

Where can I watch the fights featured in Missed Fists?

The fights mentioned in Missed Fists can be found on various platforms such as YouTube, UFC Fight Pass, and other streaming services where the events are available for replay.

How often does Missed Fists release new editions?

Missed Fists releases new editions periodically, featuring a collection of overlooked fights from recent weeks. However, the frequency may vary depending on the availability of noteworthy fights during that time.

Can I submit suggestions for fights or events to be featured in Missed Fists?

Absolutely! If you know of any recent fights or events that you believe deserve attention, you can reach out to the Missed Fists team on Twitter at @AlexanderKLee using the hashtag #MissedFists. They welcome suggestions and recommendations from the MMA community.

Are there specific criteria for fights to be included in Missed Fists?

Missed Fists aims to showcase fights that may have been overlooked by mainstream coverage. While there are no strict criteria, the focus is often on impressive knockouts, submissions, or other exciting moments that have not received widespread attention.

Is Missed Fists only focused on professional MMA fights?

No, Missed Fists also covers amateur MMA bouts, as long as they provide noteworthy action or highlight-reel moments. The series aims to shed light on fights from various levels of the sport, not limited to professional contests.

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MMAFan87 June 24, 2023 - 10:41 am

missed fists is awesome they show all the sick fights from around the world i love the brutal knockouts and crazy submissions keep it up guys

JiuJitsuJunkie June 24, 2023 - 1:28 pm

amateur fights can be just as exciting as the pros glad missed fists covers them too love seeing those up-and-coming fighters go all out

KnockoutKing June 24, 2023 - 6:21 pm

i can’t get enough of those highlight-reel knockouts in missed fists they always find the craziest ones keep ’em coming

FightFanatic24 June 24, 2023 - 6:28 pm

where can i watch these fights?? i wanna see those knockouts and submissions they sound insane

KombatKing June 24, 2023 - 8:41 pm

hey @AlexanderKLee can i send you suggestions for fights to feature in missed fists? i know this one fight that was crazy it needs some attention


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