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Missed Fists: Fighter ties opponent in knots with painful-looking submission combo

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Welcome to the latest installment of Missed Fists, where we bring attention to fights from around the world that might not have received much notice in the midst of the constant barrage of MMA events.

Amidst the ongoing buzz surrounding the Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz discussion (yes, it’s back again!), it’s only natural to seek a refreshing break. A pause from the exhaustive analysis of subpar boxing and a craving for the blend of diverse martial arts. Indeed, the sentiment is understood.

In light of this, let’s dive into Missed Fists and explore one of the most captivating submissions witnessed this year.

(A hearty thanks, as always, to @Barrelelapierna for their weekly compilations of top knockouts and submissions, and to @Grabaka_Hitman for sharing many of the clips showcased here. Don’t hesitate to follow them and contribute on Patreon if possible.)

Li Yixuan vs. Xu Wanying

What I truly appreciate about curating this feature is the ability to turn to the experts – you, the fans – for insights on naming certain techniques. In this particular case, I find myself intrigued by a submission executed in a distinctive manner I’ve never seen before. This unfolded at a Jue Cheng King event in Shanxi, China.

This instance involves Li Yixuan, boasting an impressive 3-0 record, who showcased a creative finishing move. Sherdog categorizes it as an “inverted guillotine choke,” which is accurate but lacks a certain flair. Tapology suggests “dragon sleeper crank,” which possesses more intrigue but edges into the realm of professional wrestling terminology (could a dragon sleeper genuinely work in real life? Apparently, it just did).

I prefer to liken this submission to Michael Scott’s “improversation.” Li delved into her ground game without a clear destination, resulting in a development of sheer brilliance.

For those interested, a free replay of JCK Fight Night 66 can be found here.

JC Lamprecht vs. Mzwandile Hlongwa

Mzwandile Hlongwa has delivered some explosive knockouts in the past, earning him a contract with Brave CF where he experienced mixed outcomes (including his first professional loss against Khamzat Chimaev). Returning to Extreme Fighting Championship Worldwide recently, Hlongwa aimed to secure his inaugural title with the promotion in a showdown for the vacant light heavyweight championship against JC Lamprecht. However, Lamprecht had different intentions, to say the least.

As depicted in caposa’s edited footage of the fight, Hlongwa had Lamprecht in dire straits on multiple occasions. Several referees might have reasonably halted the fight, but Lamprecht managed to display just enough signs of life to avoid the stoppage. His persistence paid off when he capitalized on a fatigued Hlongwa, seizing the opportunity to secure a guillotine choke.

Undeniably, an astonishing comeback on multiple fronts.

Adel Khaldoune vs. Georges N’Goma, Dean Garnett vs. Lucas Corbage

At Hexagone MMA 8 (replay accessible on DAZN), Adel Khaldoune treated us to the first face-planting moment of the week with a deviously timed right hook that left Georges N’Goma sprawled.

In the headlining bout, Dean Garnett, a seasoned coach who counts Muhammad Mokaev among his pupils, continued his triumphant return with a second victory in 2023 following a five-year hiatus from competition. This brutal knockout earned Garnett the vacant featherweight championship. Not too shabby for someone who recently turned 35.

Yure do Nascimento vs. Carlos Leandro da Silva

Over at Arena Global 26 in Rio de Janeiro, Yure do Nascimento showcased his dominance by punishing Carlos Leandro da Silva for an ill-advised leg kick. The result was Silva crumpled on the canvas, displaying the price of his miscalculation.

For those interested, a free replay of the event is available on YouTube.

Karson Koe vs. Sam Dawson

For a prime example of concealing a kick, one need look no further than Karson Koe’s exceptional knockout from FightStar Championship 25 in London. The amateur featherweight cleverly hinted at a hand movement before delivering a devastating kick, penalizing his opponent for making the wrong prediction. A matter of inches indeed.

To witness more highlights from FightStar Championship, check out their YouTube channel.

Tony Cortez vs. Matias Palma, Lucero Acosta vs. Silvia Juaneda

Tony Cortez punctuated a Combate Global event in Miami with a stunning 32-second finish of Matias Palma, employing a forceful left elbow that must have felt like being struck with a frying pan – only harder.

This year has witnessed numerous remarkable standing elbow knockouts. Fighters might want to incorporate this strategy more often.

In the main event, Lucero Acosta secured her second consecutive victory, rendering Silvia Juaneda unconscious with an impeccably executed guillotine choke.

“La Loba” has competed just six times since turning professional in 2019, but Combate Global has positioned her as a star (this marks her third consecutive main event), and with increased activity, she stands a solid chance of living up to the hype.

Tony Laramie vs. Daniel Nunez, Amin Almelik vs. Victor Jauregui

In Ontario, Canada, BTC 21 took place last Saturday, delivering an array of finishes. The two most impressive came courtesy of young flyweight prospect Tony Laramie (the younger sibling of recent UFC fighter T.J. Laramie) and Amin Almelik.

Laramie showcased impeccable striking in the co-main event, while Almelik managed to make Victor Jauregui inadvertently walk into a couple of strikes, culminating in a tough night for Jauregui.

For those interested, a pay-per-view replay of BTC 21 is available on their official website.

Daniel Frunza vs. Jalin Fuller

Recall the allusion to another face-planting moment? Well, here it is!

Romania’s Daniel Frunza has been leaving an impact on the regional circuit, and in his LFA debut against the more experienced Jalin Fuller (who boasted a 6-3 LFA record before last Friday), Frunza continued his impressive streak with a resounding first-round knockout. Two precise right hands and a concluding barrage left Fuller descending to the mat in an undeniably ungentle manner.

A replay of LFA 164 can be accessed on UFC Fight Pass.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA Highlights

What is “Missed Fists”?

“Missed Fists” is a feature that brings attention to lesser-known fights from around the world, shining a spotlight on impressive submissions, knockout moments, and remarkable comebacks in the realm of mixed martial arts (MMA).

How does “Missed Fists” provide coverage?

The feature curates various fights that might have gone unnoticed amid the crowded landscape of MMA events. It showcases a range of exciting moments, from creative submissions and stunning knockouts to epic comebacks, to provide fans with a diverse and captivating MMA experience.

Who compiles the “Missed Fists” feature?

The feature is compiled by Alexander K. Lee (@AlexanderKLee) and is made possible through contributions from the MMA community, including weekly lists of the best knockouts and submissions from @Barrelelapierna and clips shared by @Grabaka_Hitman.

What are some notable moments covered in “Missed Fists”?

Some of the notable moments covered include Li Yixuan’s innovative submission, JC Lamprecht’s impressive comeback, Adel Khaldoune’s unexpected right hook knockout, Tony Cortez’s standing elbow knockout, and many more exciting MMA highlights from around the world.

Where can I watch the fights featured in “Missed Fists”?

Replays of the featured fights and events are available on platforms such as DAZN, YouTube, and UFC Fight Pass, depending on the event. Links to these replays and additional information can often be found in the “Missed Fists” feature.

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CombatNerd August 11, 2023 - 6:24 pm

yesss, Tony Cortez’s elbow KO, that’s sum powa, standing KO’s rockin 2023, wanna see more of dat, yea!

KnockoutKing August 11, 2023 - 10:04 pm

whoa Lamprecht comeback, had me on edge, Hlongwa almost had it, but Lamprecht, boom, guillotine FTW! sick!

MMAfan94 August 11, 2023 - 11:25 pm

missed fists is da cool stuff, showin fights frm evrywhere, so much action in 1 place, love it yo

FightClubber August 12, 2023 - 2:58 am

Adel Khaldoune’s right hook, outta nowhere, N’Goma eatin canvas, boom! highlights give chills, love this

JiuJitsuGuru August 12, 2023 - 10:48 am

omg Li Yixuan’s choke was cray cray, real martial art magic, dragon sleeper? wrestlin vibes! awesome.


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