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Missed Fists: Fighter lifts opponent by neck to lock in nasty ninja choke

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Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists, where we bring attention to fights from around the world that may have been overlooked during these busy times in the MMA scene. This week, we’re highlighting some of the most brutal submissions of the year that deserve recognition, even if they didn’t happen in a widely covered promotion.

First up, we have Feng Tianhao versus Janchivnyambuu Batchuluun. Out of the three impressive submission finishes, the one that stands out the most is Feng Tianhao’s unbelievable feat of lifting and carrying his opponent by the neck, securing a tap just 10 seconds into the match. This remarkable display of strength and technique is not something you see every day.

Moving on, we have Aktore Batyrbek versus Shakhzod Dzhurakulov. Dzhurakulov found himself in a terrifying combination submission, with Batyrbek applying a kneebar along with a tight triangle choke. The threat of his leg being destroyed made it an easy decision for Dzhurakulov to submit.

Next, we have Joji Goto’s modified twister submission of Trent Girdham from the recent RIZIN show. This spine-locking submission is one of the most gruesome ones you’ll witness, as Goto takes control of Girdham’s head and neck, nearly splitting him in two.

At RIZIN 43, Hiroaki Suzuki executed a perfect counter to a flying knee, showcasing his skills and timing. Aoi Kuriyama also displayed excellent striking technique with a slip and rip move that exemplified proper fundamentals.

In a knockout highlight, Vitor Zmish delivered an impressive finish against Frank Bispo, possibly a result of a mix of skill and luck. Zmish set up the knockout with a head kick that conditioned Bispo before landing the final strike.

Ares FC 16 featured a night of speedy finishes, with Joffie Houlton securing a nine-second knockout, the fastest finish in the promotion’s history. Youssouf Binate also impressed with a 35-second knockout. Alioune Nahaye’s strike didn’t lead to a knockdown, but it caused enough discomfort in Pedro Colman’s leg for him to surrender.

Jacob Silva showcased his knockout skills at Fury FC 80, defeating Joey Elzea convincingly. Silva has a record of 10-9, with all wins coming by knockout or submission, making him an exciting fighter who deserves a shot with a major promotion.

At Brave CF 72, Yanis Ghemmouri demonstrated a clever way to counter grounded strikes, catching Mehmosh Raza with a knee as soon as he raised his hand off the mat. Eliezer Kubanza’s head kick knockout of Rayan Atmani showed impressive power, even if the precision wasn’t perfect. Lastly, Mohammadseifi Mohsen delivered a visually striking knockout that left Noor El Islam disoriented.

If you know of any recent fights or events that deserve attention or promotions that could use some recognition, please let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #MissedFists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA highlights

What is Missed Fists?

Missed Fists is a series that shines a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked. It highlights brutal submissions, impressive knockouts, and rising talents in the world of MMA.

How often is Missed Fists published?

Missed Fists is published periodically, showcasing the latest edition with a roundup of noteworthy fights and submissions. The frequency of publication may vary depending on the availability of fights and events.

How can I contribute to Missed Fists?

If you know of any recent fights or events that you believe have been overlooked and deserve attention, you can reach out to @AlexanderKLee on Twitter using the hashtag #MissedFists. Your suggestions and recommendations are appreciated.

Can I watch the fights mentioned in Missed Fists?

While Missed Fists provides descriptions and highlights of the fights, it doesn’t typically include direct links to the full fight videos. However, some fights mentioned may be available on platforms like YouTube or UFC Fight Pass, where you can search for specific events or fighters mentioned in the article.

Does Missed Fists cover all promotions?

Missed Fists aims to bring attention to fights and talents from various promotions across the globe. While it may not cover every single promotion, it strives to provide a diverse selection of fights and submissions from different organizations within the MMA community.

Can I suggest a fighter or promotion to be featured in Missed Fists?

Absolutely! If you believe a particular fighter or promotion deserves recognition and should be featured in Missed Fists, you can send your suggestions to @AlexanderKLee on Twitter using the hashtag #MissedFists. Your input is valuable in uncovering hidden gems in the MMA scene.

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