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Miranda Maverick accuses Priscila Cachoeira of trying to expose her at UFC 291: ‘I hope that the whole world didn’t see me’

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Unsportsmanlike conduct

Miranda Maverick accused Priscila Cachoeira of attempting to undermine her during their UFC 291 bout. Maverick emerged victorious with a third-round submission in the opening fight held in Salt Lake City. Throughout the match, Cachoeira’s tactics raised concerns, such as grabbing the fence and nearly exposing Maverick’s top. Reflecting on her opponent’s defensive maneuvers after the fight, Maverick expressed her frustration.

She mentioned how Cachoeira consistently used her fingers in an inappropriate manner, and although she had warned the referee beforehand, it seemed that Cachoeira persisted with these actions. Despite this, Maverick acknowledged the referee’s efforts in handling the situation.

Although she hoped that not everyone had witnessed the incidents, Maverick knew that it was an inevitable part of the sport. Taking the bout on relatively short notice after stepping in for Joanne Wood, Maverick was aware of Cachoeira’s reputation as a heavy hitter and a potentially aggressive fighter. Thus, she approached the match with caution to protect herself from any questionable moves.

Maverick’s strategy was to soften Cachoeira during the fight so that by the time she went for the submission, she wouldn’t have to worry about any illicit tactics from her opponent. Despite coming off a previous loss at UFC 289, Maverick’s confidence in herself and her preparation for the matchup helped secure her victory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unsportsmanlike conduct

Q: What happened during the UFC 291 bout between Miranda Maverick and Priscila Cachoeira?

A: Miranda Maverick submitted Priscila Cachoeira in the third round of their opening fight at UFC 291 in Salt Lake City.

Q: What were the concerns raised by Miranda Maverick about Priscila Cachoeira’s behavior during the fight?

A: Miranda Maverick accused Priscila Cachoeira of trying to bend the rules by grabbing the fence and almost pulling down her top. She felt frustrated by her opponent’s defensive strategies.

Q: How did Miranda Maverick feel about the referee’s handling of the situation?

A: Miranda Maverick praised the referee for doing a decent job in addressing the questionable tactics used by Priscila Cachoeira during the fight.

Q: Did Miranda Maverick express any worry about her own performance during the fight?

A: Yes, she admitted to feeling concerned that the whole world might have seen her during the fight but acknowledged it as part of the risks of being a fighter.

Q: What was Miranda Maverick’s preparation leading up to the UFC 291 bout?

A: Miranda Maverick took the fight on somewhat short notice, stepping in as a replacement for Joanne Wood. She was cautious due to Cachoeira’s reputation as a heavy hitter and an aggressive fighter.

Q: How did Miranda Maverick approach the fight with Priscila Cachoeira?

A: Maverick aimed to soften Cachoeira during the match to eliminate any potential risks before going for the submission.

Q: Did Miranda Maverick secure a victory in her previous fight?

A: No, Miranda Maverick had lost a decision to Jasmine Jasudavicius a little over a month prior at UFC 289.

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