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Mike Richman Describes Shocking Defeat as His ‘Cheick Kongo-Pat Barry Moment,’ Expresses Gratitude for BKFC 47 Championship Opportunity

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Mike Richman

Mike Richman occasionally relishes the adulation he’s earned for one of the most intense rounds in recent combat sports, during his past BKFC light heavyweight title fight in February. However, there are moments when he’d rather not recall it.

The showdown unraveled spectacularly. Richman nearly defeated Lorenzo Hunt in the initial round with an onslaught of punches. Hunt, however, defied the odds to not only survive but retaliate with a potent blow of his own, flooring Richman.

Given its unpredictable nature, it’s understandable why fans adored this exchange, and Richman recognizes this. He just wishes it didn’t occur at his expense.

“There are times when I acknowledge the fight’s entertainment value, the opportunity it provided for us both to demonstrate our abilities at a high level,” Richman shared with MMA Hook. “But then there are times when I’d rather forget about it and move on.”

“From this experience, I’ve learned that I can hold my own in a bare-knuckle fight, even in a heavier weight class. The fight demonstrated that while I can compete with larger opponents and potentially overpower them, it also highlighted their increased punching power,” he added.

Richman started to comprehend the unpredictable nature of the sport — sometimes you dominate, and at other times, you’re on the receiving end.

Richman isn’t alone in experiencing such an abrupt turnaround, which has made it easier for him to embrace the fight’s praise while also focusing on overcoming his loss.

“That was my Cheick Kongo-Pat Barry moment,” Richman commented, citing a similar 2011 UFC match. “It’s tough. You have the entire bare-knuckle universe at your fingertips, only to see it slip away. You just need to pick yourself up and keep moving.”

Richman accepted the fight because of previous confrontations with Hunt via interviews and social media, even though it was at a light heavyweight, a category he’s not accustomed to.

Richman had been negotiating a middleweight championship match against then-champion Francisco Ricchi. However, he was presented with the chance to face Hunt and gladly accepted, ready to rematch Hunt for his satisfaction, as he doesn’t see himself as a light heavyweight fighter.

“For me, the only reason to return to light heavyweight would be a rematch with Lorenzo,” stated Richman. “I wish to redeem my loss. To be regarded the best in the sport, I’d definitely seek a rematch due to the close result and the exhilarating nature of the fight.”

Following his defeat, Richman didn’t have to wait long for another major match. BKFC offered him a chance to compete against David Mundell for the middleweight championship.

Pursuing the middleweight title was always his long-term strategy, and Richman was grateful that BKFC recognized his potential to compete for a title, even after his loss.

“I was slightly surprised, but extremely grateful and excited,” stated Richman. “I took it as the organization’s recognition of my talent and the captivating matches I’ve been part of.”

He also acknowledged that Mundell is seeking to boost his reputation through a seasoned veteran, which might be a factor in him landing the fight.

Richman doesn’t blame Mundell for this ambition but vows not to let him have it easy.

“No offense to Mundell, he hasn’t had any significant draw fights,” Richman pointed out. “He has always been under the radar, and let’s be honest, he has never been known for knockouts. He didn’t have that reputation in his MMA career, nor when he moved to BKFC.

“Now on a two-fight knockout streak, he’s gaining confidence, and there’s no better way to test that than to challenge my resilience. Let’s get to it. Naturally, they’re trying to build their reputation off me.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mike Richman

Who is Mike Richman?

Mike Richman is a professional fighter known for his contributions in combat sports. He has been a notable competitor in BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship).

What was Mike Richman’s ‘Cheick Kongo-Pat Barry moment’?

Mike Richman describes his shocking knockout loss to Lorenzo Hunt as his ‘Cheick Kongo-Pat Barry moment,’ referring to a similarly unpredictable UFC fight in 2011 where the likely winner was suddenly defeated.

Who is Lorenzo Hunt?

Lorenzo Hunt is a professional fighter who competed against Mike Richman in a past BKFC light heavyweight title fight.

Who will Mike Richman face for the BKFC 47 title shot?

Mike Richman is set to face David Mundell for the BKFC 47 middleweight championship.

Why is Mike Richman moving from light heavyweight to middleweight?

Mike Richman has stated that light heavyweight is not his natural division, and his long-term strategy has always been to pursue the middleweight title. After his loss to Lorenzo Hunt, BKFC offered him a chance to compete for the middleweight championship.

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