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Mike Perry vows to fight Darren Till in 2024: ‘I don’t let grudges die’

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Mike Perry vs. Darren Till feud

Mike Perry is resolute in his determination to face off against Darren Till in 2024, emphasizing that he doesn’t easily let go of grudges. The ongoing rivalry between Perry and Till has captured the attention of fans and the combat sports world for several years. They have engaged in sporadic verbal sparring and have both expressed a strong desire to settle their differences in the octagon.

While there was a glimmer of hope in March when Till was released from the UFC, the highly anticipated fight has yet to materialize. Currently, Perry is slated to make his return to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) on December 2, where he will face former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez. However, Perry is adamant that his feud with Till is far from over, and they are still destined to clash in the near future.

Perry shared his thoughts on the potential showdown, saying, “I’m thinking [it will happen in 2024]. They’re working on it. I know a lot of people behind the scenes are working. I’m locked in with BKFC, he doesn’t want to do that. Maybe my own promotion possibilities, Misfits is talking about it.” While Till has made it clear that he has no interest in competing in bare-knuckle boxing, Perry seems open to the idea of a traditional boxing match.

Interestingly, Perry believes that the delay in their encounter has been beneficial for both fighters’ growth. He acknowledges that in the early days of his UFC career, he lacked a strategic approach and simply relied on his brawling instincts. Perry’s evolution as a fighter has led him to believe that boxing might be the ideal platform for their showdown.

“I think we both had to grow and to mentally — we knew that we wanted to be the best versions of ourselves,” Perry explained. “We had to go through these trials and tribulations. I was pretty green in the UFC. All I did was just fight. I had no game plan, I just fought. For MMA, I had no plan on how to beat certain styles and things like that. I thought people would just meet me in the middle and we would just bang it out. That’s just not how it is. It works better for me in boxing. He doesn’t want to bare-knuckle box me — he gives me my credit there. We just want to fight because I want to punch him for things he’s said in the past, but he has grown up a lot as well as I have.”

The animosity between Perry and Till traces back to their days as up-and-coming welterweight contenders in the UFC. Over time, the rivalry escalated, with personal attacks and insults becoming a regular occurrence. Till even went so far as to create a website, “MikePerryIsABum.com,” which featured videos of Perry’s boxing knockouts. He also made derogatory comments about Perry’s then-girlfriend, who is now his wife.

Despite acknowledging personal growth and maturity on both sides, Perry admits that he still harbors strong feelings of dislike for Till, particularly due to some past hurtful comments. When asked if he hates Till, Perry responded, “Yes, because of his ‘rawdog’ comments. He said something about rawdogging my new bird, or whatever. I want to f****** scratch his eyes out. That was several years ago, but I don’t let grudges die.”

In the world of combat sports, feuds like the one between Mike Perry and Darren Till add an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to potential matchups. As 2024 approaches, fans will be eagerly waiting to see if these two fiery competitors can finally settle their score in the ring. Until then, the tension and anticipation surrounding this clash of personalities continue to build, keeping the combat sports world buzzing with excitement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mike Perry vs. Darren Till feud

Q: What is the history of the rivalry between Mike Perry and Darren Till?

A: The rivalry between Mike Perry and Darren Till dates back to their time as rising welterweight contenders in the UFC. It escalated over the years due to personal attacks, insults, and unsavory comments made by Till about Perry and his then-girlfriend, who is now his wife.

Q: Why hasn’t the fight between Mike Perry and Darren Till happened yet?

A: While there was hope of the fight materializing when Till was released from the UFC, it has not occurred so far. Perry is currently focused on a BKFC match against Eddie Alvarez, but he and Till are still working toward a potential clash, possibly in 2024.

Q: Why is Mike Perry considering a boxing match with Darren Till?

A: Perry believes that boxing may be a better platform for their showdown. He acknowledges that he has evolved as a fighter and now sees the benefits of a more strategic approach, making boxing a suitable option for their anticipated bout.

Q: What is the significance of the “rawdog” comments mentioned by Mike Perry?

A: The “rawdog” comments made by Darren Till were particularly hurtful to Mike Perry, as they involved derogatory remarks about Perry’s then-girlfriend. These comments have contributed to the ongoing animosity between the two fighters.

Q: Are Mike Perry and Darren Till still holding grudges against each other?

A: Yes, both fighters still harbor strong feelings of dislike for each other, primarily due to past comments and personal history. Perry has made it clear that he doesn’t easily let go of grudges and is eager to settle the score with Till in the future.

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