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Mike Perry Reserved as Plan B in Case Dillon Danis Bails on Bout with Logan Paul

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In a twist of fate that could set the stage for a showdown of epic proportions, Mike Perry has been designated as the contingency plan should Dillon Danis opt out of his clash with Logan Paul scheduled for October.

During an electrifying pre-fight press conference that unfolded on Tuesday, geared to amp up the anticipation for the forthcoming event headlined by the KSI vs. Tommy Fury bout, a surprising announcement was made. The battle-hardened UFC veteran, now plying his trade in the world of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), emerged as the official backup for the co-main event, which is set to mark Danis’s return to competition after a hiatus of four years. It’s worth noting that Danis was originally slated to lock horns with KSI earlier in the year, but he withdrew from the event in the lead-up.

The rationale behind securing Perry as the Plan B stems from a desire to avert the possibility of history repeating itself. Recognizing the potential fragility of Danis’s participation, Perry has been enlisted as a failsafe option who could potentially square off against Paul if the need arises.

With an unapologetically fierce tone, Perry declared from the stage, “I’m a bona fide fighter. This is my calling. This is how I put food on the table for my family. These other guys have taken different paths to financial gain. They’re striving for respect in this realm, so they’ve beckoned me here. If Dillon doesn’t show up, I’m ready to step in and go to war.”

Perry’s exchange with Paul at the press conference, which unfolded after Danis had exited the scene, lent an air of dramatic tension to the unfolding narrative.

It’s worth mentioning that Perry, who recently affixed his signature to a fresh multi-fight contract with BKFC, is no stranger to the role of understudy. This marks the second instance in 2023 where he’s assumed the role of backup. Initially, he was slated to potentially challenge Jake Paul or Tommy Fury during their faceoff in February. However, the bout proceeded as planned, resulting in a split decision victory for Fury, rendering Perry’s services unnecessary on that occasion.

As the scenario unfurls anew, Perry stands vigilant, prepared to spring into action in the event that Danis fails to make an appearance for his clash with Paul. “I’ve been hitting the training circuits,” Perry asserted. “I maintain my fitness levels. It’s a lifestyle for me. Logan’s got some bulk to him, these guys have a bit more heft than my usual opponents. My most recent bout was at 185 pounds, and I barely cut five pounds for that. I’m sitting around 190 right now. I reckon the weight class would hover around 190 to 195.”

With his characteristic candor, Perry continued, “As long as I’m in top form, putting in the miles, pounding the pavement, lifting iron, and honing my boxing chops as I’ve always loved to do, I’ll be primed to step up if the situation demands. Let’s get it on.”

Despite his recent stints as a practitioner of bare-knuckle combat, it’s worth highlighting that Perry made his mark in the squared circle with a split decision victory over the seasoned pugilist Michael Seals in 2021, in a novel hybrid bout fusing boxing and MMA, backed by the Triller promotion.

While the situation hangs in the balance, the query remains: Will Perry’s role as a standby be called upon? Paul, ever the provocateur, took the opportunity during the press conference to taunt Danis for his over 1,000-day hiatus between fights.

In a resolute tone, Perry signaled his willingness to not only square off against Paul should the stars align, but also extend an invitation to another MMA fighter turned pugilist, Anthony Taylor. “Anthony Taylor’s been dishing out heaps of smack talk on Twitter,” Perry quipped. “So he’s fair game as well. He was hyping up the Misfits Boxing angle, even mentioning a foray into bare-knuckle boxing. Well, folks, you’ve witnessed my bare-knuckle exploits. Remember my battle against MVP—Michael ‘Venom’ Page—in this very venue just a year ago? It was an absolute barnburner.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about combat versatility

Who is Mike Perry and why is he mentioned in relation to Logan Paul and Dillon Danis?

Mike Perry is a seasoned UFC veteran and current BKFC star known for his prowess in combat sports. He’s designated as a backup in case Dillon Danis doesn’t participate in the scheduled fight against Logan Paul. Perry’s versatile skills and experience make him a reliable substitute.

Why was Mike Perry chosen as a backup fighter for this event?

Mike Perry’s background in both UFC and BKFC, along with his reputation as a dedicated fighter, contributed to his selection as a backup. His readiness to step in if needed ensures the event’s integrity and excitement.

What’s the significance of Dillon Danis’s absence in the past?

Dillon Danis was initially matched against KSI earlier this year but withdrew before the event. This history of withdrawing adds an element of uncertainty to his participation, necessitating a backup plan.

How does Mike Perry feel about being a backup fighter?

Mike Perry embraces the role, emphasizing his dedication to fighting as his livelihood. He welcomes the chance to step up if called upon and underscores the value he brings to the event.

What other instances has Mike Perry served as a backup?

In 2023, Perry was also considered as a potential substitute for fights involving Jake Paul or Tommy Fury. However, those fights proceeded as planned, rendering his services unnecessary on those occasions.

Can Mike Perry adapt to different weight classes?

Yes, Mike Perry has shown his ability to adapt to varying weight classes. He mentions being prepared to fight Logan Paul, even though Paul is in a slightly heavier weight class than Perry’s usual fights.

Has Mike Perry been involved in other combat sports beyond MMA?

Yes, in 2021, Mike Perry had a hybrid boxing-MMA fight against professional boxer Michael Seals, scoring a split decision win. This showcases his versatility beyond traditional MMA matches.

Who else is Mike Perry open to fighting in the future?

Mike Perry expresses interest in facing Anthony Taylor, an MMA fighter who has talked about transitioning to boxing. Perry’s willingness to engage in various combat sports challenges adds to his dynamic persona.

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