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Miesha Tate welcomes Holly Holm at UFC 300: ‘Pisses me off’ people think first fight was comeback

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Miesha Tate isn’t a fan of the narrative that’s been circulating since her UFC 196 victory over Holly Holm, and she’s not shy about expressing her frustration. Even now, years after that epic win, fans continue to praise her for the last-minute submission that secured her the title. But Tate believes there’s more to the story than just a miraculous comeback.

“People still think for some reason that I was just getting my ass kicked in that fight,” Tate, who recently broke a two-fight losing streak at UFC Austin, expressed on The MMA Hour. “People still were like, ‘Man, that was like the greatest comeback ever, like, so lucky you got that submission.'”

While there’s no denying that Tate’s submission was a brilliant move, she argues that the fight wasn’t as one-sided as some fans make it out to be. As they headed into the fifth and final round, all three judges had Holm ahead 38-37, with Tate scoring a crucial 10-8 in the second round. In other words, it wasn’t a total domination.

“Yes, because the title was on the line – if I didn’t get the submission, it would have been a draw,” Tate explained. “Technically, if we were [going to] the scorecards, had I won the last round… it would have been a draw. So it still bothers me that people think that.”

Tate has a point; it was a closely contested bout with both fighters having their moments. She’s frustrated by the misconception that she was merely surviving until her last-minute submission.

Still, Tate is eager to prove herself as the superior fighter. She’s been calling for a rematch with Holm, and Holm herself is interested in settling the score. The opportunity for this long-awaited rematch might come at UFC 300, provided Tate recovers well from her recent win over Julia Avila.

“I think it’s a great time,” Tate said. “I think that sounds reasonable… I think Holly would be a fantastic one.”

As for Holm, although she had a submission loss that was later overturned due to a positive drug test by her opponent, she’s still a formidable fighter.

Tate’s recent success at UFC Austin has been attributed to her changed mindset, working with a new team and a mental coach. She acknowledges that in her first fight against Holm, she was too focused on executing her strategy, to the detriment of adapting to the moment. This time around, she’s determined to fight at her best.

“She was kind of like edging me on the feet, I’ll give her that,” Tate said of Holm. “I absolutely smashed her on the ground… I think it would be fun to run that one back.”

So, the possibility of Tate vs. Holm part two at UFC 300 is certainly something fans can look forward to if Tate’s health allows for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rematch

What happened in Miesha Tate’s fight against Holly Holm at UFC 196?

In their UFC 196 bout, Miesha Tate secured a dramatic last-minute submission victory over Holly Holm, winning the bantamweight title.

Why does Miesha Tate feel frustrated about the fight’s narrative?

Tate is frustrated because some fans believe she was getting dominated in the fight and only won due to the last-minute submission, despite the close nature of the contest.

Could there be a rematch between Miesha Tate and Holly Holm?

Yes, both fighters have expressed interest in a rematch, and the possibility of it happening at UFC 300 is being discussed, pending Tate’s recovery from her recent win.

How has Miesha Tate’s approach to fighting evolved since her first bout with Holm?

Tate has changed her mindset, working with a new team and a mental coach to focus on adapting to the moment rather than just executing a predefined strategy.

What are the potential implications of a rematch between Tate and Holm?

A rematch would provide an opportunity for both fighters to prove themselves and potentially settle the debate surrounding their first fight. It could also be a highly anticipated bout for MMA fans.

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