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Michael ‘Venom’ Page announces MMA free agency after 10-year Bellator run

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MMA free agency

Michael ‘Venom’ Page, the renowned MMA fighter known for his flashy striking style, has officially become a free agent. After a decade-long tenure with Bellator, the 36-year-old welterweight revealed on The MMA Hour that his contract with the promotion has expired, sparking his interest in exploring new opportunities within the combat sports realm.

Page humorously stated, “I am currently unemployed,” emphasizing his intention to venture into uncharted territories. However, he clarified that his departure from Bellator doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t return. Instead, he wants to gauge the perception of ‘MVP’ among other organizations.

With a record of 21-2, Page acknowledged that Bellator still possesses a matching clause for any prospective contract offers. He expressed confidence that the promotion would accommodate his desire to pursue alternative avenues. Alongside various options available, Page hinted at the possibility of delving into boxing or bare-knuckle boxing.

In addition, Page shared his plan to attend UFC London at The O2 Arena on Saturday. The welterweight fighter has been affiliated with Bellator since 2013, where he established himself as a dominant force with a record-breaking 11 knockouts—the most in the promotion’s history. Out of his 19 appearances in the Bellator cage, he secured victories in 17 bouts, suffering defeats only to former champion Douglas Lima and in a controversial split decision against Logan Storley for the interim welterweight title in May 2022. Noteworthy triumphs include triumphs over Paul Daley, Lima, Derek Anderson, David Rickels, and Evangelista Santos, with the latter being widely regarded as one of the most impressive knockouts of 2016.

Page’s most recent bout in the Bellator cage ended swiftly, as he triumphed over Goiti Yamauchi via TKO in just 26 seconds this past March. It could potentially mark his final appearance under the Bellator banner.

Page admitted that news of his contract expiration caught him by surprise and speculated that the uncertainty surrounding a possible sale of Bellator might have contributed to his current predicament. Reflecting on the situation, he acknowledged the oversight regarding his contract and noted that discussions about his future had been put on hold until recently. However, Page believes that everything happens for a reason, considering his newfound freedom as an opportunity to explore the vast MMA landscape and gauge potential interest from other promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA free agency

What is the latest update on Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s MMA career?

Michael ‘Venom’ Page has announced that he is now a free agent after his 10-year run with Bellator. His contract with Bellator has expired, and he is interested in exploring his options within the combat sports world.

Will Michael ‘Venom’ Page return to Bellator?

While Michael ‘Venom’ Page hasn’t ruled out a return to Bellator, he wants to explore other opportunities and see what other organizations think of him. Bellator still holds a matching clause for any new contract offers, but Page believes the promotion will accommodate him if he wants to pursue other avenues.

What are Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s options as a free agent?

As a free agent, Michael ‘Venom’ Page has a lot of options on the table. In addition to considering offers from other MMA promotions, he is open to the possibility of returning to boxing or even bare-knuckle boxing.

What is Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s record and notable achievements in Bellator?

Michael ‘Venom’ Page has a record of 21 wins and 2 losses in Bellator. He holds the record for the most knockouts in the promotion’s history with 11. Throughout his Bellator career, he has secured victories over notable opponents such as Paul Daley, Douglas Lima, and David Rickels.

Why did Michael ‘Venom’ Page become a free agent?

Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s contract with Bellator expired, and he expressed his desire to explore other opportunities. He speculated that the potential sale of Bellator and ongoing changes within the organization may have played a part in his contract expiring.

What are the future plans of Michael ‘Venom’ Page?

Michael ‘Venom’ Page plans to attend UFC London at The O2 Arena. He wants to gauge interest from other organizations and explore the possibilities in the MMA landscape. He sees his current situation as an opportunity to make decisions and potentially find new avenues in his career.

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