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Michael Chandler Hails Alexander Volkanovski as the “Ultimate Invincible Fighter”

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Alexander Volkanovski has proven himself to be the epitome of excellence in the world of MMA.

Despite a few opponents finding limited success against the current UFC featherweight champion, Volkanovski has only suffered a single defeat in his last 24 fights.

In his most recent bout at UFC 290, “The Great” showcased his brilliance once again, successfully defending his 145-pound title against Yair Rodriguez with a third-round ground and pound TKO. This marked his fifth successful defense, highlighting his exceptional all-around skills. Volkanovski’s performance has garnered praise from his fellow fighters, with top lightweight contender Michael Chandler acknowledging him as the unparalleled featherweight champion and the most unbeatable individual in the entire world.

Chandler voiced his admiration for Volkanovski on his YouTube channel, stating, “Is Alexander Volkanovski unbeatable? Alexander ‘The Great’ lives up to his name. I believe there are three key factors that make him the most unbeatable fighter, not just as a champion, but overall. Firstly, his completeness in every aspect of the sport. He outmaneuvers his opponents in every position, whether it’s striking or grappling. He possesses a vast array of strikes and remains within his comfort zone despite his dominant performances.”

Volkanovski’s flawless record at 145 pounds stands at 16-0, with an impressive overall record of 26-2. However, his undefeated streak in the UFC was halted in February when he attempted to achieve dual-division champion status by moving up to lightweight.

Challenging the newly-crowned champion Islam Makhachev in his home country of Australia, Volkanovski engaged in an unforgettable battle between two pound-for-pound greats. Ultimately, Makhachev emerged victorious with a closely-contested unanimous decision, securing his first title defense. Volkanovski’s game remained largely consistent despite the weight change, earning him further praise from Chandler.

Chandler emphasized Volkanovski’s commitment to his strengths, saying, “He sticks to what works for him—powerful and basic punches, striking with his hands and feet, and incorporating elbows and knees when necessary. He excels in both offense and defense during grappling exchanges against the cage. There isn’t a featherweight he can’t take down, and as we saw, he successfully took down Islam Makhachev in their closely-fought contest. In my honest opinion, he might just be the one to get that title shot.”

In conclusion, it is difficult to dispute Chandler’s assessment of Volkanovski’s invincibility, unless, of course, you’re Makhachev.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about unbeatable

Is Alexander Volkanovski considered unbeatable?

According to Michael Chandler, he hails Volkanovski as the most unbeatable fighter in the world due to his exceptional skills and dominance in the featherweight division.

How does Volkanovski’s completeness contribute to his success?

Volkanovski’s completeness refers to his well-rounded skill set in various aspects of MMA, allowing him to excel in striking, grappling, and overall fight strategy.

What role does cardio play in Volkanovski’s invincibility?

Volkanovski’s impressive cardio endurance enables him to maintain a high level of performance throughout the fight, giving him an advantage over his opponents.

Why is composure an important factor for Volkanovski’s unbeatability?

Volkanovski’s composure allows him to stay calm and composed under pressure, making smart decisions and effectively adapting to his opponents’ strategies.

Has Volkanovski ever been defeated in his career?

Volkanovski has only suffered a single defeat in his last 24 bouts, demonstrating his remarkable consistency and dominance in the featherweight division.

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MMAlover23 July 12, 2023 - 4:58 pm

volkanovski, the man to beat! he got dat 16-0 record, can’t touch him at 145! chandler knows it, nobody better. completeness, cardio, composure – dat’s the secret sauce!

fightfan99 July 13, 2023 - 4:26 am

chandler knows his stuff alexander volkanovski is like da most unbeatable dude evr! completeness, cardio, composure – dat’s what makes him invincible. volkanovski ftw!

fighttalker July 13, 2023 - 7:30 am

volkanovski’s a beast, no doubt! chandler says he’s da most unbeatable guy evr, and i can see why. he’s got it all – striking, grappling, and dat killer cardio. no one can touch him, man!


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