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Michael Chandler addresses Conor McGregor USADA situation: ‘It’s not going to make a difference’

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McGregor-USADA Situation

Michael Chandler is confident that he will eventually face Conor McGregor in the UFC octagon despite ongoing uncertainties. The two fighters have been destined to clash for some time, with Chandler repeatedly expressing his desire for the fight even before they were chosen as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 31. The anticipation surrounding their potential bout has been a focal point of the show’s promotion. However, McGregor has hinted at other potential fight options and is facing uncertainty regarding his USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) drug testing status.

Chandler spoke to reporters backstage at UFC 292, where he shared his thoughts on McGregor’s situation with the USADA. He questioned the significance of the waiting period after retirement, noting that as long as a fighter is actively participating in the USADA testing pool for an extended duration and can undergo testing consistently, the time frame becomes a gray area. Chandler emphasized that his willingness to fight McGregor remains, whether McGregor spends one day or a year in the USADA testing pool.

Chandler made it clear that he won’t indefinitely wait for the McGregor fight. He has set a personal deadline for the contest, although he didn’t disclose it. He expressed his preference for facing McGregor but also suggested that there might be a way for the UFC and USADA to find a solution within the rules to enable McGregor’s return to competition soon.

During The Ultimate Fighter 31, Chandler’s team outperformed McGregor’s team, which added to Chandler’s satisfaction. However, his ultimate goal remains to compete against McGregor in an actual fight, rather than just on the reality show. Chandler acknowledged McGregor’s knack for manipulating narratives and recognized that McGregor’s social media activity can be inconsistent, from promoting their fight to calling out other fighters.

Chandler expressed his unwavering commitment to facing McGregor and his belief that the matchup will be a significant event in combat sports history. He speculated on whether McGregor might have doubts about the fight due to the potential challenges Chandler presents, but he remains focused on the competition they will have when they eventually meet in the octagon. Despite McGregor’s actions and words, Chandler is resolute in his determination to make the fight happen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about McGregor-USADA Situation

What is the context of Michael Chandler’s comments on Conor McGregor and the USADA situation?

Michael Chandler, a UFC fighter, addressed the ongoing situation between himself and Conor McGregor. They were slated to potentially face off in the octagon, and much attention was garnered from their involvement in The Ultimate Fighter 31 reality show.

What is Michael Chandler’s stance on McGregor’s USADA status?

Chandler expresses his confidence that Conor McGregor’s USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) testing status won’t significantly impact their potential fight. He highlights the gray area in the rules and emphasizes that McGregor’s time spent in the USADA testing pool won’t affect their eventual matchup.

How does Chandler feel about McGregor’s potential comeback options?

Chandler acknowledges that McGregor has teased various options for his return to the octagon and that his social media activity has been inconsistent in terms of promoting their fight or calling out other fighters.

What is Chandler’s approach to his desire to fight McGregor?

Chandler remains resolute in his eagerness to fight McGregor, stating that he won’t wait indefinitely for the matchup. He has set a personal deadline for the fight.

What does Chandler expect from the eventual fight with McGregor?

Chandler believes their fight will be a significant event in combat sports history and that the entire world is looking forward to McGregor’s comeback. He acknowledges McGregor’s reputation but is confident in his own abilities and readiness to compete against him.

How does Chandler view McGregor’s behavior and narratives?

Chandler recognizes McGregor’s skill in manipulating narratives and media attention. He speculates that McGregor’s actions might stem from realizing his commitments and the public’s scrutiny of his decisions.

What other insights are provided in the text?

The text mentions Chandler’s coaching success in The Ultimate Fighter 31, his belief in the eventual fight with McGregor, and his thoughts on the potential timeline and dynamics surrounding their matchup.

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