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Michael Bisping: Marlon Vera’s Comeback ‘Too Little Too Late’ Against Cory Sandhagen

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Michael Bisping was sad because his friend and former teammate Marlon “Chito” Vera did not do very well in a fight against Cory Sandhagen. This particular UFC bantamweight division match happened on Saturday night and the two fighters were both hoping to win and reach the top of their division.

Unfortunately for Ecuador’s Vera, he lost his four-fight winning streak because of Sandhagen’s aggressive and tricky tactics. Commenting on the fight, Bisping said Vera should have used his fighting style that is called “in-your-face pressure” earlier than he did.

Marlon Vera wasn’t in a rush during the match, like he usually is. Bisping said on his YouTube channel that Marin moved slower than usual, which caused him to lose the game. However, he still praised Sandhagen for his amazing performance at the beginning of the match.

At the start of the fight, he used some strong moves to try and win. He was a great fighter with good skills in striking and Coach Jason Parillo said that Marlon had to do better or he would end up losing two rounds. Then Marlon worked hard to get back in the game.

Vera still had a chance during the fight, but it looked like he was going to lose. It would have been much easier for him to win if he could find moments when Sandhagen was trapped in a corner and then hit him. Unfortunately, Sandhagen moved around too much and avoided being attacked by Vera.

Sandhagen used a lot of surprising moves to confuse Vera during the fight. Despite Sandhagen’s great performance, the judge Joel Ojeda still gave Vera 10-9 scores for all three rounds, meaning that if Vera had done a bit better in the beginning of the fight, it could have changed who won.

Sandhagen started off strong in the first two rounds of the fight as he was far ahead, almost doubling the amount of strikes that Marlon achieved. As time went on, Sandhagen’s coach, Parillo, seemed worried and asked him if there is anything wrong with him or if he needed help. After the fight, Marlon said he felt very tired and unmotivated which most likely cost him the fight.

In the third round of the fight, Chito turned things around and started putting more pressure on his opponent. Chito did even better in rounds four and five but it wasn’t enough to win. Sandhagen was a tricky opponent because he was constantly changing stances and making various attacks which made it hard to keep track off.

UFC San Antonio

Dana White wasn’t happy with a certain decision in the UFC San Antonio main event. Paddy Pimblett had to go to the hospital after a fight and called his opponent Jared Gordon “dog s***”. Conor McGregor said he plans to end his career in UFC and believes Francis Ngannou made a wrong move. Alex Perez had a seizure backstage which caused the UFC San Antonio fight to be cancelled. Khamzat Chimaev is confident he will defeat Alex Pereira if they faced off, saying he can win it in “the first minute”.

Cory Sandhagen was happy with the outcome of his fight at UFC San Antonio, though others thought it was an odd result. Marlon Vera accepted that he lost without making excuses and said nothing else. People weren’t too excited about Cory’s win and called for the judge to be fired. Donald Cerrone got inducted into the Hall of Fame which made other fighters really proud of him because they had been following him for a while.

“Breaking Down the UFC San Antonio Fight and a Preview of the 2023 PFL Season!”

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Feel the Power

At UFC Vegas 72 on April 29, Hailey Cowan (7-2) will be fighting Jamey-Lyn Horth (5-0). On May 6, Joseph Holmes (8-3) and Claudio Ribeiro (10-3) are going to have their very own clash at UFC 288. Then, one week later on June 3, it’s David Onama (10-2) versus Khusein Askhabov (23-1) at UFC Fight Night. To finish off June, Jimmy Flick (16-6) and Alessandro Costa (12-3) are set to battle on June 17th at UFC Fight Night as well.


Sandhagen is really something special. If he continues to improve and mix up his strategies like he did against Vera, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him win a championship before he’s finished with fighting.

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Results of Our Readers’ Polls

Last Week, we asked some questions to our readers and here are the results: Friday involved a question about Covington’s Anik comments – 71% of 593 people voted that it crossed a line. Thursday was asking who will win this weekend – 58% of 793 people chose Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera but he eventually lost via a split decision in the main event. Lastly, Wednesday was all about who Dustin Poirier should face next – 50% of 897 people chose Justin Gaethje.

On Monday, out of 886 people who voted, 47% said Belal Muhammad should get the next UFC Welterweight title shot. 79, 23, 260, and 4 people voted for something different. In total there were 509 votes. If you have an idea that you want to show in the Morning Report on Twitter then let @DrakeRiggs_ know about it! Don’t forget to follow MMAHook on Instagram and like us Facebook as well!

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