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Medical Time-Outs from UFC 292: Aljamain Sterling Sidelined After Defeat by Sean O’Malley, Chris Weidman Requires Clearance

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UFC 292 Medical Suspensions

Recently dethroned UFC bantamweight king Aljamain Sterling has received a brief medical hiatus after his technical knockout defeat at the hands of Sean O’Malley in UFC 292’s headline fight.

Sterling, often dubbed the “Funkmaster,” suffered a gash on his eyebrow that warranted a 30-day medical suspension. In addition, he’s been instructed to refrain from any form of physical contact for the next 45 days. This all comes after his second-round KO during the pay-per-view event on August 19 at TD Garden. With this victory, O’Malley has now secured the UFC bantamweight championship belt.

In another suspension of note, former middleweight titleholder Chris Weidman has been handed a 60-day medical suspension. This follows confirmation from the commission of his left knee injuries after he lost to Brad Tavares in the undercard bout.

The Massachusetts Office of Public Safety and Inspections, the body governing the state’s athletic commission, disclosed the full list of medical suspensions to MMA Hook through a public records request.

Complete Roster of UFC 292 Medical Suspensions:

  • Aljamain Sterling: Sidelined for 30 days due to an eyebrow cut and a 45-day no-contact rule.

  • Amanda Lemos: Suspended for 45 days, including a no-contact period of 30 days.

  • Neil Magny: Benched for 45 days and an additional 30 days for pain in his left leg, pending X-ray and medical approval.

  • Marlon Vera: Given a 30-day suspension and a 14-day no-contact period.

  • Pedro Munhoz: A 30-day sit-out and 14 days without contact.

  • Brad Tavares: 30 days of no-contact enforced.

  • Chris Weidman: Given a 60-day break, requiring both an MRI for his left knee and orthopedic sign-off, as well as a 45-day no-contact clause and X-ray for his right tibia/fibula.

  • Denis Tiuliulin: Slapped with a 60-day suspension and a 45-day no-contact mandate.

  • Kurt Holobaugh: 30-day layoff for a possible tear in his left knee, pending an MRI.

  • Austin Hubbard: Put on a 30-day leave.

  • Brad Katona: Suspended for 45 days.

  • Cody Gibson: 45 days off, with another 45 days of no-contact due to eye socket swelling.

  • Andrei Petroski: 30-day suspension and 30-day no-contact period due to a cut, with a necessary orbital examination.

  • Gerald Meerschaert: 30 days off and 30 days without contact for a left eye cut.

  • Natalie Silva: 30 days out for an ankle bruise.

  • Andrea Lee: A lengthy 180-day suspension unless medically cleared sooner, along with a no-contact period for a superficial nasal bridge cut.

  • Marina Moroz: Given a light 7-day suspension.

So, there you have it, folks. The combat sports world may be a rough and tumble playground, but let’s not forget these warriors also need their beauty sleep. Safety first!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 292 Medical Suspensions

What is the main focus of the article?

The main focus of the article is to provide a detailed list of fighters who received medical suspensions following the bouts at UFC 292. It highlights notable suspensions like those of Aljamain Sterling and Chris Weidman, and specifies the reasons for each suspension and the length of time the fighters will be sidelined.

Who are the standout fighters mentioned in the article?

The standout fighters mentioned are Aljamain Sterling, former bantamweight champion, and Chris Weidman, a former middleweight titleholder. They received medical suspensions due to injuries suffered during their respective bouts at UFC 292.

What happened to Aljamain Sterling?

Aljamain Sterling, once the UFC bantamweight champion, lost via a second-round technical knockout to Sean O’Malley. Due to a brow laceration, Sterling has been medically suspended for 30 days and is also prohibited from any form of contact for 45 days.

What’s the story with Chris Weidman?

Chris Weidman, a former middleweight champion, lost to Brad Tavares in a preliminary card match. Weidman has been medically suspended for 60 days due to his left knee injuries. He also needs an MRI and orthopedic clearance before he can fight again.

How were the medical suspensions made public?

The medical suspensions were disclosed through a public records request to the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety and Inspections, which oversees the state’s athletic commission. They were then revealed to MMA Hook.

What’s the shortest and longest suspension period mentioned?

The shortest medical suspension period mentioned is 7 days, given to Marina Moroz. The longest is 180 days, issued to Andrea Lee, which could be shorter if she receives medical clearance.

Why is safety being emphasized in the article?

Safety is emphasized because the nature of MMA is physically demanding and involves a high risk of injury. The medical suspensions are in place to ensure the well-being of the fighters and allow them adequate time for recovery.

Are there any special requirements for some fighters to return to the ring?

Yes, some fighters, like Chris Weidman, Neil Magny, and Kurt Holobaugh, have additional requirements such as needing an MRI or X-ray, along with medical clearance, before they can be allowed to compete again.

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