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Mayra Bueno Silva rips Raquel Pennington, vows to ‘smash’ Julianna Peña for five rounds ‘because she talks too much’

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Mayra Bueno Silva is determined to become the UFC bantamweight champion after her impressive victory in Las Vegas last Saturday. Silva, also known as “Sheetara,” secured a ninja choke submission against former champion Holly Holm, elevating her bantamweight record to 4-0. In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Silva didn’t hold back as she criticized contenders Julianna Peña and Raquel Pennington.

Silva expressed her opinion on Peña, stating that she talks excessively without substantial results to back it up. She acknowledged Peña as a talented fighter but emphasized that her own fights were far more exciting. Silva believed she could knock Peña out or submit her, indicating her confidence in victory.

When asked about a potential title fight between Peña and Pennington, Silva dismissed it as uninteresting, claiming that nobody would be eager to watch it. She acknowledged Pennington’s past accomplishments but remarked that her current performance was lacking. Similarly, Silva highlighted Peña’s limited fights against Amanda Nunes and contrasted them with her own impressive record.

Silva proudly touted her winning streak, which included victories over Holm, Lansberg, Egger, and Yanan, earning her multiple post-fight bonuses. She firmly believed she was the woman to beat after Nunes’ retirement, boasting about her exceptional submission skills, thrilling fights, and performance of the night accolades.

Silva expressed her desire for an immediate title shot, claiming that she deserved it and stating, “I’m next.” She also called out Peña, suggesting that Pennington had declined a fight with her, resulting in the Silva vs. Holm matchup. Silva believed Peña was afraid of her and confidently claimed that she would dominate her for five rounds, choosing not to simply submit her but to inflict a relentless beating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about title shot

Who is Mayra Bueno Silva?

Mayra Bueno Silva is a UFC bantamweight fighter known as “Sheetara.” She recently scored a significant win against Holly Holm at UFC Vegas 77.

What did Mayra Bueno Silva say about Julianna Peña and Raquel Pennington?

Mayra Bueno Silva criticized Julianna Peña for talking too much and questioned her fighting skills. She also mentioned Raquel Pennington’s past accomplishments but indicated her performance had declined.

Why does Mayra Bueno Silva believe she deserves a title shot?

Silva believes she deserves a title shot following her impressive winning streak, including victories over notable opponents. She emphasizes her unique submission abilities, exciting fights, and multiple post-fight bonuses.

Who does Mayra Bueno Silva want to fight next?

Mayra Bueno Silva wants to face Julianna Peña next. She claims that Raquel Pennington declined a fight with her, leading to Silva’s matchup with Holly Holm instead.

What does Mayra Bueno Silva vow to do if she fights Julianna Peña?

If given the opportunity to fight Julianna Peña, Mayra Bueno Silva vows to dominate her for five rounds. She states that she will not only submit Peña but also deliver a relentless beating due to Peña’s perceived excessive talking.

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