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Mayra Bueno Silva Discusses Unexpected Drug Test Result and Future Plans: “I’m Feeling Blue About This”

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UFC Contender's Drug Test

The world of mixed martial arts was rocked recently when Mayra Bueno Silva, a rising star in the UFC’s bantamweight division, shared some surprising news about her recent drug test results. Just months after an impressive victory over former champion Holly Holm, Bueno Silva found herself facing an unexpected setback.

In a candid conversation with MMA Hook, Bueno Silva opened up about the situation, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the positive drug test and her feelings about the ordeal. “I’m very sad for this because, first thing, this amount showing in my test, I don’t take in the competition. This is sad for me,” lamented Bueno Silva.

The source of the issue, according to Bueno Silva, was her ADHD medication. The fighter, often referred to by her nickname “Sheetara,” detailed that she had ceased taking the medication on the Monday of fight week, a routine she had followed successfully multiple times in the past. “I’ve taken this for three years, and this time I don’t know what happened,” she explained.

ADHD, a condition characterized by difficulties in maintaining attention and controlling impulses, has been a lifelong challenge for Bueno Silva. Yet, she has not let it deter her from pursuing a successful career in mixed martial arts. In fact, she’s harnessed her condition to fuel her dedication to the sport.

Both the UFC and the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) have been supportive throughout this ordeal. Bueno Silva emphasized that she’s cooperated fully with their inquiries, even inviting them into her home to review her medications. “For USADA, everything is OK. For the UFC, everything is OK, because I do everything they ask me,” she affirmed.

However, the situation isn’t entirely resolved. The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) holds the key to her immediate future in the sport. While Bueno Silva appreciates the support from the UFC and USADA, she doesn’t hold the same confidence when it comes to the NAC’s decision. “I have no confidence [they’ll clear me], but I hope that they say that everything is OK for me,” she said.

Bueno Silva’s honesty and resilience shine through in her words. She’s eager to clarify that her ADHD medication was never about gaining an advantage in the octagon. Instead, it was a way for her to manage a lifelong challenge. “It’s not helping, it’s not improving my performance, nothing,” she reiterated.

The fighter’s determination remains unshaken. She’s grateful for the support she’s received and is using this setback as motivation to continue chasing her dreams. “Thanks so much for all of the support. I promise, I’ll be back, I will take my belt because that’s my belt. This is for the UFC fans, for everybody that has ADHD,” Bueno Silva asserted.

As the MMA community waits for the NAC’s verdict, one thing is clear: Mayra Bueno Silva’s fighting spirit and resolve are stronger than ever. With the support of her fans and her own determination, she’s ready to overcome this challenge and continue her journey toward a championship in the UFC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Contender’s Drug Test

What was the reason behind Mayra Bueno Silva’s positive drug test?

Mayra Bueno Silva’s positive drug test was attributed to her ADHD medication, which she had stopped taking before her fight.

How did Mayra Bueno Silva react to the positive drug test?

Bueno Silva expressed sadness over the situation, emphasizing that the amount detected in her test wasn’t taken during competition.

How did Mayra Bueno Silva manage her ADHD?

Mayra Bueno Silva has been dealing with ADHD her whole life, using MMA as an outlet. She took medication to aid focus and control impulses.

What was the response from the UFC and USADA?

Both the UFC and USADA were supportive and cleared Bueno Silva of any wrongdoing, stating that she had cooperated fully with their inquiries.

What’s the current situation for Mayra Bueno Silva?

Her temporary suspension was extended by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC). She remains hopeful but uncertain about clearing her name.

Is Mayra Bueno Silva confident about the NAC’s decision?

She doesn’t hold high confidence in the NAC’s decision, though she’s hoping for a positive outcome regarding her drug test situation.

How did Mayra Bueno Silva view her ADHD medication in relation to her performance?

Bueno Silva emphasized that her ADHD medication wasn’t intended to enhance her performance; it was about managing her condition.

How is Mayra Bueno Silva approaching her future in the UFC?

Despite the setback, Bueno Silva remains determined and appreciative of the support. She aims to return stronger and win a UFC championship.

What message does Mayra Bueno Silva have for her fans?

Bueno Silva thanks her supporters and promises to persevere, asserting that she’ll reclaim the championship for herself and fellow ADHD individuals.

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wait, wat? ADHD meds causin’ this? interes-tin twist in da fight game! UFC’s got her back, hope she bounces back strong!


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