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Mayra Bueno Silva Claps Back at Julianna Pena’s Allegations of Cheating: “Get Ready for the Towel, Because the Octagon’s About to Get Real”

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Mayra Bueno Silva

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Mayra Bueno Silva Claps Back at Julianna Pena’s Allegations of Cheating: “Get Ready for the Towel, Because the Octagon’s About to Get Real”

As if tensions between Mayra Bueno Silva and Julianna Peña couldn’t escalate any further, a recent exchange has indeed taken them to a whole new level, all thanks to some sharp words from the former champion.

Just days ago, Silva dropped the bombshell that she failed a drug test before her triumphant second-round submission over Holly Holm at UFC Vegas 77 last month. The twist? Silva pointed to ADHD medication as the culprit, not a performance booster.

Never one to hold back, Peña fired off accusations, labeling Bueno Silva as “CHEATara.” Adding salt to the wound, she claimed Silva’s future would be reduced to being a mere “curtain jerker of an APEX card,” rather than a contender for the world title.

In a candid conversation with MMA Hook, Bueno Silva gave her two cents about Peña’s remarks: “I love Julianna; she’s amusing. But here’s a promise: I won’t just finish her or knock her out. I’ll pound Julianna into the mat for five rounds. Your coach will need to toss the towel in the octagon, because I’ll make it a five-round demolition. Mark my words.”

In the wake of Amanda Nunes’ surprising retirement after her successful UFC 289 title defense against Irene Aldana, the women’s 135-pound belt sits unclaimed. But with her recent triumph over Holm and a string of four victories, Silva has made it clear she’s gunning for championship glory, along with Peña and Raquel Pennington.

Though it seems a Peña-Pennington showdown is in the cards, Silva keeps her hopes alive for clearance from the Nevada Athletic Commission at an upcoming meeting, dreaming of a match with Peña instead.

“The fight everyone wants to see is between me and Julianna. No one wants to see Peña against Pennington,” Silva passionately stated. “No one will do to Julianna what I will.”

In a moment of honesty, Silva opened up about her thoughts on a potential Peña vs. Pennington clash, expressing her conviction that Peña wouldn’t have a chance. Trash talk may land you big matches, but it doesn’t secure victories.

“Julianna won’t beat anyone. Raquel, of course, will win,” Silva confidently stated. “Everyone wants a piece of Julianna. Is it because she’s skilled? No, it’s because she’s an easy payday.”

Silva did admit to enjoying the verbal jousting, but she took issue with Peña’s comments on ADHD. “What Julianna is doing is serious; she’s talking about something she doesn’t understand. But I get it. She needs help; she doesn’t fight well. Without her talk, what does she have? Nada.”

“I’ll obliterate her,” Bueno Silva vowed, touching on the personal pain that Peña’s words evoked. “She’s speaking about something that’s been incredibly difficult for me all my life, and for many others in the world.”

In this high-stakes game of words and blows, only the octagon will reveal the final truth. One thing’s for sure: these fighters are ready to put on a show.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mayra Bueno Silva

What did Mayra Bueno Silva reveal about her drug test?

Mayra Bueno Silva disclosed that she failed a drug test before her victory over Holly Holm, attributing it to her use of ADHD medication rather than performance-enhancing drugs.

How did Julianna Peña respond to Bueno Silva’s revelation?

Julianna Peña accused Bueno Silva of cheating and dubbed her “CHEATara,” suggesting that Bueno Silva’s future fights wouldn’t be on a championship level.

What was Mayra Bueno Silva’s reaction to Peña’s comments?

Bueno Silva acknowledged Peña’s humorous nature but promised a fierce response in the octagon, vowing to deliver a five-round smashing to Peña and addressing her need for a coach to throw in the towel.

Why is the women’s 135-pound title vacant?

Amanda Nunes retired following her UFC 289 title defense, leaving the women’s 135-pound title unclaimed and up for grabs among contenders like Bueno Silva, Peña, and Raquel Pennington.

Who does Mayra Bueno Silva want to fight?

Bueno Silva hopes to be cleared by the Nevada Athletic Commission for a match against Julianna Peña, believing that their fight would be more compelling than a Peña-Pennington clash.

What is Bueno Silva’s opinion about a potential Peña vs. Pennington fight?

Bueno Silva confidently asserted that Julianna Peña wouldn’t fare well against Raquel Pennington or anyone else for that matter, emphasizing that trash talk doesn’t equate to victory.

How did Bueno Silva react to Peña’s comments on ADHD?

Bueno Silva appreciated trash talk but criticized Peña’s comments on ADHD, noting that Peña doesn’t understand the condition’s challenges and using it as a topic for discussion.

What does Bueno Silva promise regarding a fight with Peña?

Bueno Silva promises to “smash” Julianna Peña and expressed personal pain at Peña’s discussion of ADHD, highlighting the difficulties associated with the condition.

What can we expect from these fighters in the future?

The octagon will determine the outcome of these verbal battles as fighters like Bueno Silva and Peña are poised to put on a thrilling show in their matches.

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