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Max Holloway Speaks Tearfully of Hawaiian Wildfires: ‘The Burden Feels Heavier Now’

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Max Holloway is not only stepping into the ring for his own sake this weekend.

Come Saturday, Holloway will face Chan Sung Jung, widely known as “The Korean Zombie,” in the UFC Singapore main event. But even though Holloway’s physique will be present in Singapore, his soul remains in Hawaii. Earlier this month, Hawaii was struck by a catastrophic wildfire in the Lahaina region, marking one of the deadliest natural calamities in U.S. history. The disaster resulted in a minimum of 115 fatalities and obliterated most of the property, leaving over a thousand people unaccounted for. When questioned about it during the pre-fight media event, Holloway couldn’t help but break into tears.

“Everything unfolded before our eyes, and Lahaina’s citizens felt betrayed by the government and state. But Hawaii’s community stood strong,” Holloway stated. “The individuals rose up, the natives of Hawaii rallied, and following their lead, the rest of the world joined in. Everyone’s pitching in – even UFC’s got a ‘UFC loves Hawaii’ initiative going. It’s just incredibly painful. I shared a personal account of how some people tragically lost their lives. It’s hard to bear, truly.”

Born in Waianae, Holloway has been a representative of Hawaii throughout his UFC tenure and was honored with the UFC’s Forrest Griffin Community Award in 2021. This award recognized his philanthropic actions, especially his fundraising for the Hawaii and Maui Foodbanks after the COVID-19 pandemic. Holloway pledges to aid in the wildfire recovery, but his primary goal on fight night is to stand as a symbol for those affected.

“The true heroes are those currently facing the fire,” Holloway voiced. “My entrance music will be a tribute to them, and they’ve asked me to wear red to honor those battling the blaze. I’m switching to red for the first time in my UFC history, having previously stuck to black. There’s a lot at stake. I always carry Hawaii with me, but now the weight feels even greater.”

In addition to the emotional toll of the Hawaiian tragedy, Holloway must also navigate the pressure of being the favored contender over Jung. Many experts have disregarded Jung due to his recent defeat against Alexander Volkanovski. However, Holloway doesn’t concur, especially since this fight is rumored to be Jung’s last. The Hawaiian fighter is anticipating a thrilling battle.

“You’re judged by your most recent performance,” Holloway observed. “This isn’t like other sports where a bad game can be redeemed a few days later. In fighting, a single off night can bench you for months, unless you’re extraordinarily lucky. But I believe that if we were both coming off our Volk fights, the narrative would be completely different. It would be about retirement for both of us. We’ll see how it plays out.”

He continued, “At the end of the day, it’s out of my hands. I think the Korean Zombie will be off the scene for one year and four months, so I’m ready for the best version of him. He’s had time to heal, grow, and sort out his life. I’m expecting a formidable ‘Korean Zombie’ on Saturday night, and I’m all geared up for it.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: Max Holloway

Who is Max Holloway fighting in the main event of UFC Singapore?

Max Holloway is fighting “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung in the main event of UFC Singapore.

What was Max Holloway’s reaction to the wildfires in the Lahaina area of Hawaii?

Max Holloway was brought to tears when asked about the wildfires that devastated the Lahaina area in Hawaii, describing the disaster as incredibly painful and expressing solidarity with the victims and community.

What award did Max Holloway win in 2021, and why?

Max Holloway won the UFC’s Forrest Griffin Community Award in 2021 for his charitable work, particularly his fundraising efforts for the Hawaii and Maui Foodbanks following the COVID-19 pandemic.

How is Max Holloway planning to pay tribute to those affected by the Hawaii wildfires during his fight?

Max Holloway plans to pay tribute to those affected by the Hawaii wildfires by using red for the first time in his UFC career for his shorts and dedicating his walkout song to the victims and those fighting the fires.

What are Max Holloway’s thoughts on his opponent, “The Korean Zombie”?

Max Holloway believes he’s in for a challenging fight with “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung, despite many pundits writing Jung off following a recent loss. Holloway is anticipating the best version of Jung, expecting a thrilling battle on Saturday night.

How has Max Holloway represented Hawaii throughout his UFC career?

Max Holloway, a native of Waianae, has represented Hawaii through his entire UFC career. He has actively engaged in charitable work in Hawaii and consistently carries the spirit of Hawaii with him, saying that the weight of this representation “feels a little bit heavier now” in light of the recent tragedy.

What is Max Holloway’s outlook on the fight’s outcome, considering both his and Jung’s recent performances?

Max Holloway’s outlook on the fight emphasizes that a fighter is judged by their most recent performance. He’s not taking the fight lightly and believes that the talks about the fight would have been different if both fighters were coming off their respective fights with Alexander Volkanovski. He’s expecting a dangerous “Korean Zombie” and looks forward to the fight.

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