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Max Holloway opens up on rough upbringing: ‘I had to endure so I can get my story out later on’

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Max Holloway reflects on his challenging upbringing and the obstacles he had to overcome to shape his inspiring story.

During a recent episode of The MMA Hour, Max Holloway opened up about his realization regarding the importance of taking care of his mental health after watching Israel Adesanya’s documentary, “Stylebender.” Speaking with Ariel Helwani, the former UFC featherweight champion shared details about his childhood, where he lacked a father figure. Holloway expressed his desire to provide a different upbringing for his own son.

“I never really had both parents – I didn’t have a dad at all,” Holloway revealed. “It took my wife to explain to me that I had father figures, but it’s not the same. My grandpa played that role for me. She had a hard time conveying the difference. ‘He’s like my dad!’ ‘But he’s not! He’s still your grandpa.’ Finally, it hit me. He was a father figure, but he wasn’t my actual father. So, if I can give my son a father and mother, it would be great.”

Despite meeting his father later on, Holloway admitted that they still don’t maintain regular contact, despite living on the same island. However, he has no animosity towards his father and sends him love, acknowledging that without him, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Not only was Holloway’s relationship with his father challenging, but he also had to cope with his mother’s addiction during his childhood. Recounting the experience, he shared the discovery of a crack pipe when he was young, which initially left him bewildered. He gradually realized the extent of his mother’s struggles as he witnessed her fights with her siblings and encountered other unsettling situations.

Holloway accepted these circumstances as his normality, assuming that families depicted in movies were fictionalized. However, he recognized that enduring these hardships would later allow him to share his story with the world. During his mother’s absence, he and his siblings were cared for by their grandparents, who played a significant role in their upbringing alongside several cousins.

It was only when Holloway’s older brother was on the brink of becoming a father himself that their mother managed to overcome her addiction. Holloway’s brother delivered an ultimatum, stating that she would not be a part of her grandchild’s life unless she achieved sobriety. Since then, his mother has remained clean.

These experiences had a profound impact on Holloway’s determination to avoid the same path. Witnessing the devastating effects of drugs on his mother, as well as the absence of his father, motivated him to chart a different course. He observed the destructive consequences of drugs on the families of close friends and even encountered individuals on the streets who had fallen prey to addiction.

Choosing not to succumb to these influences, Holloway committed himself to excellence in a chosen field, wanting to make positive strides and avoid becoming another statistic associated with negativity. Although he humorously noted that punching someone in the face might not be the epitome of positivity, he emphasized his goal to excel within the boundaries of legality.

Ultimately, Holloway aspires to be a beacon of hope and positivity for his community. Recognized for his charitable efforts in Hawaii, he was awarded the Forrest Griffin Community Award in 2021. Holloway’s message to anyone facing adversity is that it is never too late to turn their lives around and finish strong.

Having witnessed individuals stray from positive paths or regain their footing after being on a destructive one, Holloway emphasizes that the race isn’t defined by how it begins but rather by how it ends. He encourages everyone to persevere and strive for a strong finish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about upbringing

What did Max Holloway discuss in his recent interview?

In his recent interview, Max Holloway discussed his challenging upbringing, the importance of mental health, his relationship with his father, his mother’s addiction, and his determination to overcome adversity.

How did Max Holloway view his father figure?

Max Holloway initially considered his grandfather as his father figure, but he later realized that while his grandpa played that role, he wasn’t his actual father.

How did Max Holloway’s mother’s addiction impact his childhood?

Max Holloway’s mother battled addiction during his childhood, which led to challenging situations and witnessing things a child shouldn’t see. However, his older brother’s ultimatum eventually prompted their mother to get clean.

How did Max Holloway’s upbringing influence his outlook on drugs?

Max Holloway saw firsthand the destructive effects of drugs on his mother, his father’s absence due to drugs, and the negative impact on friends and acquaintances. These experiences fueled his determination to avoid drugs and make positive choices.

What message did Max Holloway have for those facing adversity?

Max Holloway emphasized the importance of finishing strong, regardless of the challenges one faces. He encouraged individuals to persevere, make positive strides, and create a better future for themselves.

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