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Matt Brown’s Insight: Key to Defeating Stephen Thompson, a Lesson Some Fighters Ignore

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Matt Brown Strategy

A decade has passed since Matt Brown dished out Stephen Thompson’s first UFC defeat. Brown remains convinced that his approach is the ultimate method to overpower the multiple-time welterweight title contender.

With UFC 296 on the horizon, Brown suggests that Shavkat Rakhmonov should adopt his tactics to triumph over Thompson.

Brown, speaking on The Fighter vs. The Writer, expressed uncertainty about Rakhmonov’s victory over ‘Wonderboy’. He highlighted Thompson’s prowess, noting that an improper fight strategy could lead to a downfall, as Kevin Holland discovered. Holland, Brown believes, could typically win against ‘Wonderboy’, but chose the wrong approach by engaging in a distance fight, playing into Thompson’s strengths.

Brown, a record-holder for knockouts in UFC, didn’t knock out Thompson in their 2012 match but claimed a decisive three-round victory. He emphasizes that while grappling played a role, it was his aggressive approach and close-quarters combat strategy that truly made the difference against the skilled striker.

Brown shared his perspective on combating Thompson’s style. He advised moving forward aggressively, rather than maintaining a distance that allows Thompson to utilize his spinning and blitzing techniques. Brown refuted the notion that his victory was solely wrestling-based, mentioning his use of Muay Thai-style sweeps.

He pointed out Thompson’s preference for launching strikes from unconventional angles, especially with ample space. Patience and a readiness for a tough, dirty fight are essential, according to Brown.

Rakhmonov, who maintains an unblemished record with a 100% finishing rate, is touted as a potential future champion. However, Brown warns that playing to Thompson’s strengths could be catastrophic.

Brown elaborated on Thompson’s strategy of leveraging his strengths in fights, noting that many opponents inadvertently play into his hands. He likened it to the folly of trying to out-wrestle someone like Bo Nickal.

Despite this, Brown doesn’t anticipate Rakhmonov falling into this trap. He expects Rakhmonov to engage closely, aggressively, and give Thompson a tough challenge. Brown leans heavily towards Rakhmonov in this matchup.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Matt Brown Strategy

Who is Matt Brown and what is his connection to Stephen Thompson?

Matt Brown is a notable figure in UFC history, known for holding the second all-time record for knockouts. He is notably recognized for handing Stephen Thompson his first loss in the UFC over a decade ago.

What strategy does Matt Brown suggest for defeating Stephen Thompson?

Brown suggests an aggressive, forward-moving approach for defeating Thompson. He emphasizes the importance of close-quarters combat rather than engaging in a distance fight, which plays to Thompson’s strengths.

What mistake did Kevin Holland make in his fight against Stephen Thompson?

According to Brown, Kevin Holland made the mistake of engaging in a distance fight with Thompson, allowing him to utilize his preferred striking techniques, which ultimately led to Holland’s defeat.

What is the key message Matt Brown conveys about fighting styles?

Brown highlights the importance of not playing into an opponent’s strengths. He emphasizes adapting the fight style to counter the opponent’s advantages, using Thompson’s fights as an example.

What are Matt Brown’s expectations for the Shavkat Rakhmonov vs. Stephen Thompson fight?

Brown expects Shavkat Rakhmonov to avoid the mistakes others have made against Thompson. He anticipates that Rakhmonov will close the distance, be aggressive, and strongly challenge Thompson, favoring Rakhmonov to win.

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KnockoutKing November 29, 2023 - 12:19 am

Brown’s right about not playing to Wonderboy’s strengths, seen too many fighters fall into that trap. But Rakhmonov’s a different beast, this fight’s gonna be epic!

UFCJunkie87 November 29, 2023 - 2:05 am

Seriously?? Brown’s overestimating his influence, Thompson’s evolved since their fight, it’s not 2012 anymore dude.

GrapplingGal November 29, 2023 - 6:05 am

lol Brown’s like “just walk forward and take a shot”, easier said than done against someone like Wonderboy, his striking game is no joke.

MikeFightFan34 November 29, 2023 - 11:36 am

man, Brown’s got some real insights, knows his stuff for sure, those tactics against Thompson, spot on. Shavkat better listen up if he wants to win!


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