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Matt Brown Finds It Hard to Be Thrilled About UFC 293’s Main Event: ‘Even at -600, the Odds are Generous’

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UFC 293 Main Event

The overall hype surrounding UFC 293 seems unlikely to propel it into the hall of fame of pay-per-view events in 2023. Even though the action is headed back to Australia—a country that has consistently delivered strong ticket sales for the UFC—the card this Saturday seems a little less than electrifying, especially beyond its main event.

In the night’s marquee bout, middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will defend his title against Sean Strickland. Originally, Adesanya was slated to face off against top contender Dricus Du Plessis. However, a fortuitous injury sidelined the South African fighter, making way for Strickland. Now, this wouldn’t be such a downer if Strickland had a killer record recently. But with just a 2-2 score in his last four outings, the guy is hardly a superstar. His most recent win came against Abus Magomedov, a relatively unknown fighter with a mere two fights in the UFC.

Given this context, it’s no surprise that Draft Kings lists Adesanya as a 6-to-1 favorite—a fact that sucks some of the excitement out of an otherwise blockbuster main event.

UFC welterweight Matt Brown got candid about his lack of enthusiasm for this fight on his podcast, The Fighter vs. The Writer. “I took a peek at the odds today; Adesanya is at -600. Honestly, the buzz around this fight is more like a lazy hum,” Brown stated. “Who really was pining to see Strickland take on Adesanya?”

While Brown acknowledges the ever-present potential for an upset in the world of MMA, he has a hard time envisioning Strickland pulling it off unless he brings something totally new to the Octagon. According to Brown, Strickland’s best chance is to keep Adesanya on his toes by mixing up his tactics. Failing that, Strickland stands little chance of success, especially over a five-round bout against a seasoned vet like Adesanya.

Brown concedes, “I’m grasping at straws here to make this fight even remotely captivating. Adesanya is a tactical genius—he’s the ninja to Strickland’s clumsy pirate. He plans, he adapts, he executes. Strickland, not so much. Or at least, not yet. He’d better have some aces up his sleeves if he hopes to defy expectations.”

Adding to the skepticism, Strickland has previously lost to two fighters that Adesanya has faced—Alex Pereira and Jared Cannonier. While past performance isn’t a perfect indicator of future outcomes, it does cast further doubt on Strickland’s prospects.

In essence, Matt Brown, the man with the second-highest number of knockouts in UFC history, doesn’t see the UFC 293 main event causing much of a stir unless Adesanya decides to put on a show with a sensational finish.

“Look, maybe I’m reaching a bit too far to find a silver lining here,” Brown admits. “Adesanya is likely to steamroll Strickland. I’d wager the real odds are closer to -800 or -1000. Most likely, Adesanya will be enjoying a massive paycheck and an epic afterparty in Sydney, with nothing more than a few minor knuckle bruises to show for it.”

So there you have it, folks. Unless Strickland has a David vs. Goliath moment, don’t expect this main event to set your world on fire. Tune in to new episodes of The Fighter vs. The Writer every Tuesday, available on all major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 293 Main Event

What is the main focus of the article?

The main focus of the article is the upcoming UFC 293 main event, where middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will defend his title against Sean Strickland. The article discusses the lack of buzz and excitement surrounding the fight, as expressed by UFC welterweight Matt Brown.

Who was originally supposed to fight Israel Adesanya at UFC 293?

Dricus Du Plessis was the original opponent slated to fight Israel Adesanya, but he had to withdraw due to an injury.

What is Sean Strickland’s recent fight record?

Sean Strickland has a 2-2 record in his last four UFC fights, making him a less than ideal candidate to generate excitement for a main event of this caliber.

Why does Matt Brown think the odds for this fight are generous even at -600?

Matt Brown believes that Israel Adesanya is highly likely to win the fight and suggests that the real odds should be closer to -800 or -1000. He thinks that Adesanya is much more skillful and experienced compared to Strickland.

What does Matt Brown suggest Sean Strickland should do to have a chance at winning?

Matt Brown believes that for Sean Strickland to stand any chance, he will need to mix up his tactics and keep Adesanya guessing. Failing to do so, in Brown’s opinion, makes it unlikely for Strickland to find success against a seasoned veteran like Adesanya.

Are there any common opponents between Adesanya and Strickland?

Yes, both fighters have faced Alex Pereira and Jared Cannonier in the past. Strickland lost to both, which adds further skepticism to his prospects against Adesanya.

Where can you listen to Matt Brown’s comments in full?

You can listen to Matt Brown’s full commentary on the latest episode of his podcast, The Fighter vs. The Writer, available on major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher.

What is the potential impact of this fight on the UFC 293 Pay-Per-View sales?

The article suggests that the lack of hype around the main event may negatively affect the Pay-Per-View sales for UFC 293, despite the event being held in Australia, a location that has historically been good for UFC ticket sales.

What could make this fight exciting, according to Matt Brown?

Matt Brown admits he’s grasping at straws but suggests the fight could become exciting if Strickland surprises everyone by varying his attacks or showing off some previously unseen skills.

What’s the worst-case scenario for Adesanya, according to Brown?

The worst-case scenario, as Brown sees it, is that Adesanya might end the night with a few minor knuckle bruises after an easy victory, rather than suffering any serious setbacks or injuries.

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