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Matt Brown believes Francis Ngannou hits harder than Deontay Wilder but not sold he can land that punch on Tyson Fury

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Matt Brown holds the belief that Francis Ngannou wields a more potent knockout punch than even Deontay Wilder, but he remains skeptical about Ngannou’s ability to land that punch cleanly on the skilled and technical Tyson Fury. As Ngannou prepares to step into the boxing ring against Fury in October, his reputation for possessing unparalleled knockout power precedes him.

UFC president Dana White once likened Ngannou’s striking force to the impact of a Ford Escort at top speed, showcasing the sheer ferocity of his punches. Previous opponents like Alistair Overeem, Stipe Miocic, and Jairzinho Rozenstruik can attest to the undeniable impact of Ngannou’s blows. Now, Ngannou seeks to translate this MMA dominance into the world of boxing against the formidable Tyson Fury.

In his career, Fury has encountered several knockout artists, most notably in his trilogy of fights against Deontay Wilder, a widely acknowledged powerhouse in the heavyweight division. However, Matt Brown, a UFC welterweight, argues that Ngannou’s power might outshine even Wilder’s. Brown’s reasoning stems from Ngannou’s muscular build, suggesting that he might pack a harder punch. Despite this, the challenge lies in landing that devastating blow on a tactically astute opponent like Tyson Fury.

Brown humorously compares the impact of Wilder’s punch to a nuclear bomb and Ngannou’s to an atom bomb, emphasizing their destructive capabilities. He draws an analogy between the two fighters’ power to an AK versus an AR, both capable of causing significant damage. However, Brown points out that landing such a punch is a different story, especially against a highly skilled fighter like Tyson Fury, who possesses exceptional movement and defensive techniques.

Fury’s endurance and iron chin are also highlighted, particularly in his first encounter with Wilder in 2018. Despite being knocked down, Fury displayed incredible resilience, returning to his feet before the referee’s 10-count. This serves as a testament to Fury’s ability to withstand powerful punches, leaving doubts about whether Ngannou, or anyone else, can achieve a one-punch knockout against him.

Acknowledging the challenge, Brown compares the skepticism about Ngannou landing a decisive punch to the initial doubts surrounding Wilder’s capability to do so against Fury. Brown also humorously emphasizes that even if Ngannou can achieve that feat, it must be more impressive than Wilder’s attempt.

While outboxing Fury seems unlikely for Ngannou, his route to victory might lie in unleashing his immense power. Beyond his knockout potential, Ngannou may face disadvantages in other boxing metrics compared to Fury. Nevertheless, Brown suggests that Ngannou’s relative inexperience in boxing could create interesting problems for Fury, who is accustomed to facing more experienced opponents. Fury’s lack of familiarity with Ngannou’s boxing style and movements could potentially work to Ngannou’s advantage.

Brown further speculates on the mental aspect of the fight. He discusses the potential pitfalls of underestimating an opponent, drawing from his own experiences in the octagon. Brown asserts that the most challenging fights were those where he underestimated his opponent’s abilities. He notes that respecting an opponent and acknowledging the possibility of defeat are vital lessons that can impact performance in the ring. Brown wonders whether Fury’s preconceived notions of an easier match against Ngannou might lead to costly mistakes.

In conclusion, the clash between Ngannou and Fury holds the promise of explosive power, technical prowess, and unforeseen strategies. While Ngannou’s raw power is undeniable, successfully landing that knockout punch on a skilled opponent like Fury remains a formidable task. Brown’s insights add depth to the narrative, highlighting the intricacies of this intriguing matchup that captivates both boxing and MMA enthusiasts alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about knockout power

Who is Francis Ngannou and what is his fighting style known for?

Francis Ngannou is a heavyweight fighter known for his incredibly powerful punches and knockout ability. His fighting style has earned him the reputation of possessing one of the most devastating knockout powers in the heavyweight division of both MMA and boxing.

How does Matt Brown compare Francis Ngannou’s power to Deontay Wilder’s?

Matt Brown suggests that Francis Ngannou might actually generate even more power than Deontay Wilder due to Ngannou’s muscular build. However, he points out that landing a punch on a skilled and technical opponent like Tyson Fury is a different challenge altogether.

Has Tyson Fury faced powerful opponents before?

Yes, Tyson Fury has faced powerful opponents in his career, including Deontay Wilder, who is widely regarded as one of the hardest hitters in the heavyweight division. Fury’s endurance and ability to withstand powerful punches have been showcased in his fights, notably his first encounter with Wilder.

What advantage does Francis Ngannou have against Tyson Fury?

According to Matt Brown, one advantage that Ngannou has is that Fury has never seen him box before. Fury is familiar with Ngannou’s MMA skills, but his lack of knowledge about Ngannou’s boxing style and movements could pose a challenge in terms of preparation and strategy.

How does Matt Brown view the mental aspect of the fight?

Matt Brown emphasizes the importance of not underestimating an opponent. He draws from his own experiences in stating that overconfidence can lead to mistakes in the ring. He suggests that Fury’s perceived notion of an easier match against Ngannou could impact his performance.

What does Matt Brown think about Ngannou’s chances of landing a knockout punch on Fury?

Matt Brown acknowledges the difficulty of landing a one-punch knockout on a skilled opponent like Tyson Fury. He compares it to Deontay Wilder’s attempt, where Fury managed to get back up after being knocked down. Brown suggests that even if Ngannou can achieve such a punch, it must be even more powerful than Wilder’s.

How does Matt Brown view the potential outcome of the fight?

Matt Brown speculates that while Ngannou might not outbox Fury, his path to victory could lie in his knockout power. He believes that Fury’s underestimation of Ngannou due to the perception of an easy match could potentially lead to errors on Fury’s part, making the fight more interesting in terms of strategy and outcome.

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