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Marlon Vera looks to ‘make a statement’ against Henry Cejudo: ‘I’m winning this fight at all costs’

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Marlon Vera is determined to make a resounding statement when he faces Henry Cejudo.

The UFC recently announced that Vera and Cejudo will collide in a highly anticipated main card bout at UFC 292. After suffering a unanimous decision loss to Cory Sandhagen in March, this fight presents a significant opportunity for Vera to bounce back with a remarkable victory. However, it means much more than that to “Chito.”

Unsatisfied with his lackluster performance against Sandhagen, Vera aims to utilize the fight against Cejudo as a means to send a clear message to the entire bantamweight division.

“This fight is the perfect chance to make a statement,” Vera expressed on the Believe You Me podcast. “It’s an ideal opportunity to let them all know, hey, I may have stumbled, but I quickly rise to my feet. I step into that octagon, fight my fight, and this time, I plan to do it even better than before. He can analyze all he wants and talk his trash, but deep down, he’s still a bit of a jerk. I’m going to expose that. I’ll apply relentless pressure, and wherever the fight goes, I’m going to fight with every ounce of my being. Trust me, it will be an outstanding fight. I guarantee it. I’ll be at my absolute best.”

Similar to Vera, Cejudo enters this fight coming off a defeat, having lost via split decision to champion Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288. This marked Cejudo’s first fight in three years, and with his close brush with reclaiming the title, “Triple C” has expressed his eagerness to secure another title shot as soon as possible. Currently ranked sixth in the UFC’s bantamweight division, Vera provides an enticing opportunity for Cejudo to pursue his goal. However, Chito warns the former Olympic gold medalist that accomplishing that feat will be quite challenging.

“A fighter like him possesses exceptional clinch skills,” Vera acknowledged. “I could spend the next five years wrestling and still not reach his level, and that applies to anyone in this division. If it comes down to pure wrestling, it’s nearly impossible to defeat him. But this is mixed martial arts. The playing field levels out once punches start landing, as long as you maintain the right mindset and physical condition. He might take me down, put me in the clinch, but we still have to fight. When we’re fighting, we become more equal at that level…

“He’s quite audacious, and I believe his recklessness will land him in trouble against someone like me. I’ll bring the heat… I’ll launch continuous attacks. I won’t worry excessively about being taken down. I’ll fight you fiercely, my friend, regardless of the situation. It will be painful, and your resilience will be tested. I am determined to win this fight at any cost. I’m willing to dig deep, go the extra mile, to regain my winning streak and eventually contend for the championship.”

The possibility of contending for the title may arrive sooner than expected. Already a fan favorite, a victory over a former two-division champion could swiftly propel Chito back to the position he held prior to the loss against Sandhagen. That is the goal, at least.

“Collecting his scalp would be a monumental achievement,” Vera emphasized. “He’s been a world champion in two different weight classes, and his recent comeback was a closely contested battle against the champion. If you want to make a big impact, what more can you do? Step into the octagon and prove yourself against the guy, and that will place me right back in the mix for a title shot.”

UFC 292 is scheduled to take place on August 19 at the TD Gardens in Boston.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about statement

What is the significance of the fight between Marlon Vera and Henry Cejudo?

The fight between Marlon Vera and Henry Cejudo holds great importance for both fighters. For Vera, it is an opportunity to make a statement and rebound from his previous loss. He aims to send a message to the bantamweight division and showcase his improved performance. Cejudo, on the other hand, seeks to quickly return to a title shot after his recent defeat. The outcome of this fight could have a significant impact on their respective careers and title aspirations.

How does Marlon Vera plan to approach the fight against Henry Cejudo?

Marlon Vera intends to be aggressive and unyielding in his fight against Henry Cejudo. He aims to apply constant pressure and attack his opponent relentlessly, regardless of where the fight goes. Vera believes that fighting with determination and delivering a strong performance will level the playing field, even against Cejudo’s exceptional clinch and wrestling skills. His focus is on winning the fight at all costs and showcasing his capabilities.

What are the potential consequences of a victory for Marlon Vera over Henry Cejudo?

A victory for Marlon Vera over Henry Cejudo would be a significant achievement for him. It could elevate his position in the bantamweight division and potentially put him back in title contention. Additionally, defeating a former two-division champion like Cejudo would enhance Vera’s reputation and popularity within the UFC. The win would serve as a stepping stone towards his goal of contending for the championship once again.

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