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Markus Perez: Jake Paul Refused to Pay After I ‘Kicked His Butt’ During Sparring Session

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Markus Perez is set to make his boxing debut on April 1 when he fights Joe Riggs as part of the Gamebred Boxing 4 card in Milwaukee. Despite this, it won’t be his first time around the boxing ring. Jake Paul asked Markus to help him prepare for an upcoming boxing match with Ben Askren, and while other MMA fighters were hired at the same time, Markus was promised $300 but never actually got paid.

Perez said that he punched up a guy in the gym and it was free of cost since this man never paid him back. Moreover, Perez added that even though three hundred dollars is not a big deal for someone like him who has earned twenty-seven million but still it feels bad to not receive money for beating this guy in sparring. He further added that other people who were involved in sparring Ring with the same person got their payment except for him which makes this matter even worse.

Perez said that other people were having a great time, but his session ended up in an argument. He started showing off and taunting the guy he was fighting with which made him so angry that he wanted to punch Perez. Perez punched him back in the nose and it even drew blood! The guy then got desperate and his cornermen wanted to help him.

Perez said that Alexandre Pantoja, a UFC flyweight contender, was in his corner during the sparring session and was shouting things like “Hit him!” and “Are you gonna fight or not?”. Also, Pantoja wasn’t allowed to use his phone to record the training, however Paul’s group filmed it but never posted the video.

Perez was talking about how someone had posted a video of himself punching multiple people in practice. He said that, what he did was wrong because all he shows is his victories and not his losses. “Why don’t you put videos where you are getting hit? With your small arms and legs struggling to defend yourself?” Perez said.

Paul was winning in boxing, beating Askren with a first-round knockout and then Woodley. He also won over Anderson Silva. But unfortunately, Paul had his first loss when he faced Tommmy Fury, the decision being split.

“Jake Paul has only fought against two opponents that weren’t very good at fighting and didn’t have any technique. Anderson Silva is an MMA fighter, but he’s getting old and has been hit in the head too many times. All three of them (Anderson Silva, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley) decided to take on this fight for money reasons instead of to be actually victorious.”

Despite his loss to a “real” boxer, Fury, Perez believes Paul can still stay popular in the boxing world and compete in more profitable matches.

Perez said jokingly that Paul will probably look for famous names to fight against including Gordon Ryan or ‘Buchecha’.

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